Feb 12, 2013

CAMERAderie: Louis Vuitton A/W 2013

Louis Vuitton men's autumn/winter 2013 show was an event filled with fashion heavyweights and celebrities, naturally. Arriving at the venue, and seeing so many people outside waiting to get inside, I thought that this is the biggest show that I've been to so far (but did not, unfortunately, have the invite!). So I stood outside whilst awaiting for Arman and took photos of the stylish folks outside, including Kanye West, whom I papped after the show. Waiting in the cold could be detrimental but a motivation to be a semi-devoted tabloid paparazzi-like makes it totally worth it!

On another note, after meticulously judging the attendees, I made a conclusion of trends that I suspect will be ubiquitous for seasons to come: prints and color blocking (yes, I'm totally clairvoyant!), chunky footwear and chunky bellies, and of course, Yeezy

 A throng of attendees rushing for the spectacle.

Asians are clearly the peacocks of fashion week:

(We also met this platinum-bleached man with his glorified Jil Sander lunch bag at the Moschino show in Milan)

We at Dunia Fashyon do love a good shoe porn once in a while...

And a good girl loves chunky cheese. A bad girl, on the other hand, loves chunky shoes:

Those are very fiercely adventurous Noritaka Tatehana boots!

Pot belly roundup - adorable abdomens in fashion:

All of a sudden the real fest started after Kanye West left the show. Photographers, including me who were milling around suddenly rushed to the stairs and unabashedly snapped the pics of the celebrity. I could have sold these pics to a tabloid or something, because I do think mine are acceptably tabloid-worthy, if not slightly better ;)

Words and images by Hafidzudin Zainal

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suan zhang said...

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