Apr 22, 2009

Hitler's Birthday,WWII films, the Pants

The Fuhrer on his birthday

Yesterday was Hitler's birthday (yes, the guy with that cute trimmed moustache and the iconic salute sign). Guess what's his age if he made it till today? 120 years old!!! Long live Hitler! NO just kidding! Okay, that was scary what am I thinking? Honestly I'm so grateful that nothing tragic happened yesterday, you know, the usual bash-and-wallop-every-foreigner-you-see affair by the Russian neo-Nazis. Well I'm fortunate that such event rarely occurs in Volgograd. This is not the case in big cities like Moscow - every year the Fuhrer's anniversary are likely to cause a stir among the Muscovites, locals and foreigners alike.

Not bearing the fact of this event in my mind I incidentally wore a 'Nazi' pants the day before the event. Yes my state of oblivion sometimes annoys me too, but as usual I got lucky, nothing bad happened alhamdulillah! About the pants: don't laugh, that's how I like to call the pants, well at least that's what I saw German armies in WWII movies like Schindler's List and Valkyrie wear. Confession: haven't watched Valkyrie yet- some people say that the history-laden plot just turns off the entertainment value altogether, Tom Cruise or not.

Hmm maybe I should get those knee-high boots no? Look so sleek!

Oh speaking about Schindler's list I LOVE Ralph Fiennes' acting. He always got the villain role don't you think? Beside SL he played the mean character in Harry Potter, Red Dragon, The Duchess, among others.

Dear Mr. Fiennes, great take on Amon Goth character, bravo!

And of course, my own (pathetic) take on the wool army pants:

Nazi pants from Amsterdam, New Yorker faux leather biker jacket, Topman shirt, H&M braces, thrifted boots

photog: Ezzra

Anyhow, I looked into my folder and found this pic: the guy in this Sartorialist shot wore the pants best, hands down! I adore his bravery and creativity for donning such an androgynous look:

One of the factors: THOSE legs!


malchic said...

i hav been waiting so long u post 'bout ur germany-ww2 pants!

werque it!

rozie said...

Excellent!Good!Le kents!

Frederic Betancourt. said...

wow fuck his long legs!
love those pants.

I wanna vist Russia...

naboonies said...

malchic, yes it's about time dear. I had a few pics of the pants before this but they were lost somewhere in between my carelessness and negligence HAHA.

rozie, haruussssszzzz LOLs

Frederic, perfection ain't it? come come! it's not as bad as ppl expect!

Ca said...

Cool trousers, I like the quirky cut with sudden volume then tapered downwards.

Ca said...

Oh, forgot to say that I've added you to my blog links. I'm so slow with these kind of things... and a bit picky as well, haha.

Anyway, seems like you're having fun experimenting around with different looks. Always a pleasure to see here on your blog!

Dinie said...

omg.where the hell did u get those trousers and how much?!

im freaking serious, is there anyway u can ship a pair?!!! omg. jodhpurs! i want!!!!!!!!!!!!

naboonies said...

Ca, yes, the quirky silhouette made me fall in love in these pants in the first place! And thank you for the compliments, I guess the experiments are half the fun in dressing up! Thanks for adding me, really appreciate it!

Dinie, I got them at a vintage store in Amsterdam. It costs around 35 euros (not that expensive I think, considering how ZARA put more expensive price tags on stuff like these).

malaychic said...

i think that capri pants look better on me.

soo longgar on u laaa.. lols

The Pauper said...

Love the pants but erm, I think everything falls just a little too loose on you la.

I find that is the first thing I notice about your outfits: that they are a touch ill-fitting to achieve that chic streamlined appearance =/

In contrast, the coat in your Volgames hipster post gave you a more fitted, tapered silhouette. Plus the footwear and bag, very nice.

And, you pull off the 'Nazi' pants way better ;)

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