Dec 23, 2008

Pattern mixing

Most guys usually frown at the notion of mixing patterns, thinking there's something feminine about different shapes or prints on a garment. Okay, I won't exaggerate. My following outfit pics are not that ballsy of an attempt -it is completely wearable for a guy methinks, nevertheless it's somehow a relatively new discovery for me.

It's quite interesting to mix micro checks with tiny stripes. Why haven't I thought of this before? And the combination of red and blue has a nautical feel to me. Yeah yeah,here I go again with the springy look. It seems that I can't let go of that beautiful joyful season...

It was a week before the weather got really really cold, hence the light fabrics (the cardigan is paper thin - it's meant for spring of course, and don't even start with the check shirt)

I know a lot of people who wear plain outfits but still, do you guys out there mix patterns?

Incity cardigan, VPV check shirt, VPV belt, Zara jeans, thrifted boots

And not to forget the belt that I'm wearing in the picture is from VPV but unfortunately it's not real leather. But the one thing that urged my to purchase this is that the belt is made of separate little pieces combined together (and the dirt cheap price of course). Look at how it's bent into a small foldable object!

POST EDIT: I'm thinking to change the red buttons into white ones. Should I?


raeesa said...

hello dear!
i love your outfits :D
thanks for dropping by :)

magma3637 said...

the red button is already ok for me. its already monochromotized with the shirt's colour.

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Dinie said...

i had to get my pants altered all the time!!

the trick is to not only alter the sides...ask your tailor to start at the in seam from the back to crotch.[but it will cost more...]that way it wont be tapered of will be more of a straigh cut/comfort fit.

anyway,change red to black instead of white??

Dinie said...

IMO oh,i think pattern clashing is fine..but at times there too many buttons/round/circle/ in a body to carry all at once.
theres no focal point/item in an outfit if i do so.

idk.i tried clashing patterns but only with pants and shirt.

Anonymous said...

time:after class


mike said...

im just used to pattern mixing with tie + office shirt + office pants
socks & shoes = solid plain..
--> soo average joe of me

if only the govn allows material mixing as'll be cool to go to d office =D

p.s.: pattern wise urs is luvly but imo the background is pretty dull for ur jeans, or should i say too harmony (omg ur floating)??

MR style said...

i think the problem comes from the culture !! guys and fashion cant go together pretty well.....but it depends :) fortunately

naboonies said...

raeesa: thank you thnk you!

magma: yeah i joined them already

dinie: i see your point. hmm but i may find some difficulty layering cardigans with shirts in the future.

anonym: i think i know you..haha

mike: experiment with the socks as well! (think argyle socks).

what? govmnt don't allow mixing materials? that's absurd!

mr style: absolutely. but in these times where knowledge and information is just at our fingertips i predict a lot of guys out there who'll break out of conformity and explore their individual styles.

JEYQ said...

nice cardi and boots.

mike said...

for the sake of the so called formality, not juz the gov but some companies also insist on wearing the hot sweaty i feel like gaban slack pants supersharply ironed so we can cut pineapples.
well to say none at all xde lah..but they must be...
oh but the typical khaki & denim pon xleyh..hmhmmhmmmm~~

Ca said...

Mix it up and have fun, there will be plenty of time to go neutral. Have fun!

Happy holiday!

angelus_izika said...

i totally love the belt!!

and to the one suggesting black instead of red..I second that

naboonies said...

@ JEyq: thanks hun!

@ Mike: oh our govmnt is well-known for its impracticality in all aspects. give them a shocker: wear a khaki pant or better yet, a pair of jeans (with dark colours of course for a subtle anarchist message) haha!

@ Ca: At this moment I'm really divided between going with full-blown crazy outfits or being dandy! Have fun in hols!

@ angelus: thanx. lovely right?
abput the buttons ..hmm.. let's see first la. haha

Homme Times said...

I love your outfit. Cardigans ae just the best. I say the red buttons loo great. But, go for white if you feel it's right.

TheMinx said...

I love the way you've mixed prints here, it looks fantastic. And your jeans are fab :)

jordan shoes said...

Very good!

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