Oct 23, 2008

My first outfit post

Har har laugh all you want but this are the clothes that I wore to see Romeo and Juliet (in Russian, of course). This is my futile attempt to emulate Hedi Slimane's infamous skinny silhouette, complete with skinny tie and jeans and all. The pants were not so comfy, may I say. Now Najmi is the proud owner of that skintight little devil (I sold it to him). You might frown why I pose like in this picture - I had to contort myself in order to fit into the frame of the camera. Modeling potential? Afraid not.

I'm wearing: Benetton jacket, TAXI white cardigan, Mambo shirt, Sg. Wang skinny tie, H&M skinny jeans, ZARA dress shoes, Benetton messenger bag


your sister said...

i wonder what is mama's reaction if she see this picture~
brilliant!love it!

naboonies said...

omg! mama really asked me about the pic. i told her this is called POSING! dont worry she'll be fine with this. love her!

magma3637 said...

i never see you in this outfit. nway, its a nice one (",)y

LVfreak said...

great pose! next thing i know u'd be pulling ms. trentini's 'jumping' shoot.

u know mr. slimane is now getting seriously involved in photography (or so ive heard..) we could almost not gonna see his design/collections anymore. =(

looking great there my friend. have a fab weekend!



gawkatme said...
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naboonies said...

to lvfreak: thanks dear. maybe some time i'll do a crazier pose! haha. The jumping shoot is cool right?

Yes the probability of Slimane the Majesty to go back designing is near to zero. Hope those Swedish guys who worship Dior Homme circa 2000 will get by to find another style.

You have a great weekend too!

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