Feb 7, 2013


 A quiet street - Via Montenapoleone, Milan

I should be certainly punished for not staying true to my promises of exhilarating, non-stop fashion updates from the blog. But in my defense, (which is sounding more and more tired as I am right now) as I return to the work-centric phase of my life, it just seems less possible to have that ample amount of time devoted to reviewing the whimsical nature of fashion collections on a regular basis. 

Regardless the amount of hours I have put myself in for my 'proper' job (which is definitely much better than the hospital days), I still find it surprisingly difficult to muster that inner strength to zone out, discipline myself and start meticulously editing and resizing the hundreds of images I captured, on top of doing a light research on the topic I'm writing about in order to gain as much accuracy as possible. 

This turns out to be a bit taxing to a person who cooks for himself occasionally, takes a medical book to revise out of guilt now and then just to be in the know, lazes around watching marathons of downloaded popular American series like Sex and The City (almost at the end of the final season six now!), and more often than not have choose to work more than twelve hours a day, just to save more cash for more whimsical fashion buys which in turn, can potentially be the next feature in the blog. And so the vicious cycle never ends! Let the pictures of the beautiful streets of Milan let me make up for it for the time being...

Beautiful flooring detail near Prada at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan.

 Dark and serene, Via Montenapoleone, Milan

Arman and the technician...

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