May 25, 2009

Sandy picnic and the slowpoke

photo credit: Syuhada

No person can beat me when it comes to procrastinating. Everything that is personally laborious to me in life is deeply contemplated first, with phrases like "It's okay, Ill do it later", "I'm not sure how" or even "I'm sure someone will take care of this" appear and invade my unwilling body. Yes, you may laugh at this but for me photo-editing and uploading is a slow, excruciating process thanks to the shitty CPU specs. As people are advancing to their next Macbook or Sony VAIO I'm still on holding on to this old Hyundai piece of scrap....

So. As usual my outfit was inappropriate that day. I had these tiny strands of black, grey and dark brown wool scarfs that I thought will work if I haphazardly wrap them around my neck .Well that is not the case, ahh.. just let the terrible delusional stylist take control over me! Anyway I had a lot of fun during this small photo shoot, fantasizing that it's fit for an editorial (which obviously is not) - who will disagree when I was not the one who's on guard of the burning chicken, instead I went ballistic at this small dune not far away from our BBQ spot... I hope it's not too late to thank my dear friends for the scrumptious meal, even though the cekodok got had sand in it? :P

New Yorker biker jacket, Castro scarf, Cheap Monday sleeveless tee, H&M jeans, ZARA shoes
photog: Yat

P.S: It turns out I'm not that in love with these ZARA sneaks. Anyone interested in purchasing? Have worn them two or three times only.


QifA said...

I don't know much bout fashion but the jeans are cool. How i wish my thighs are as slim as najmi's so that i could wear those jeans. haha.

The specs..uhhmmm...they're too funky i guess..haha. It was not a matter of price but it's just not the type i was looking for.

But hey, thanks anyway.

angelus_izika said...

eh, i thought it turns out perfectly nice..imho anyway

Ca said...

Love the biker jacket and wow, the sand dunes!

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