May 26, 2009

Interview with Homme Times

Last night I had a small e-mail interview with Homme Times. I'm completely gobsmacked!!! Who knew my out-of-the blue rendition of Givenchy legging trend caught someone else's eye?

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

HT: I know that you have now started to pay closer attention to men's fashion, why is that?

DF: I think menswear has evolved more than ever before - thanks to the Internet and blogs. Many fashion blogs out there give me some sort of a revelation - I learned that menswear is much more than just three-piece suits, fine and dandy etc, which was what I thought initially! There are so many styles out there that I can experiment; in short I'm scrutinizing menswear for my own interpretation in my daily outfits.

HT: What would you say inspires your style at the moment?

DF: Both menswear and womenswear blogs, lookbooks, editorials, people on the street and the items currently in my wardrobe.

HT: Are there any designers or runway shows that currently play a role in your inspiration? If so, who and why?

visit Homme Times for further details!


angelus_izika said...

owh sdar! owh sdar! (replay the scene when Grey's keep screaming OMG in greys s5 finale)...I know it would pay off someday!! all those hardworks, and all....big love and congrats from here!! this calls for a celebration, non? (at least after the exam pass)

Sky-Zarina said...

welldone my dear lil bro!your hard work pays after all...anyway, don't forget to get me nice belt while you're shopping...huuhuhu...peras ugut nih...

Ca said...

Congratulations, well deserved!

Fuzzy A! said...


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