Oct 19, 2012

A day at Art Expo Malaysia 2012

Even though we are not the biggest fans of the arts we at Dunia Fashyon are always intrigued by this other branch of creative field. Not really knowing where to begin, we took our first baby steps by attending the Art Expo Malaysia, held in Martrade Exhibition and Convention Centre quite recently.

It was certainly an exciting learning process and I was personally amazed by the beautiful collections which are presented by artists from all over the world. There were paintings, sculptures, installations and digital art from Indonesia, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and of course Malaysia, among others.

To be honest I was quite let down by the scarcity of 'interactive' art pieces but maybe AEM is not the best platform to anticipate such products. However the presence of a kaleidoscopic selection of artworks made me fairly satisfied enough, and here are among the outstanding pieces on display/sale...

We were particularly drawn towards these metal sculptures of men queuing up in ladder form (slightly sexually suggestive from my mischievous point of view) and the merman on the floor:

Among the vividly painted pieces on display:

Digital art made their way to the exhibition as well. These pictures deceivingly appear like fine painting but proven otherwise on closer inspection...

 This artwork by Thailand artist Promthum Woravut is a cheeky one - portraits of young adults creatively done by shading MCQ-style answer papers...

Bold abstract paintings are a crowd favorite. I'm looking at this one with a certain Dries Van Noten print in mind....

It is a good thing to know that people from all walks of life visited this fair, including the young ones. We may not have a single clue about what the masterpiece are actually about, but what matters more is the emotion that visiting art fairs like this make us feel: warmth, excitement and ever so enlightened.

Perhaps, the best part about the AEM is that entrance is FREE, unlike other art fairs which derived substantial revenue from their ticket sales, to help defray the high costs. The AEM rationale is to have a friendly and even family-orientated showcase, in order to generate greater art appreciation and awareness and to attract enthusiasts and players from around the region, to make AEM a top fixture in the world art calendar.
- Ooi Kok Chuen, www.artexpomalaysia.com

Doraemon and stripped pages from Crayon Shin Chan - two of my favorite Japanese comic book characters

Young art enthusiast

 Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals girl

Youngsters chilling by the west wing entrance

words and images by Hafidzudin

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