Oct 14, 2012

Margiela for H&M: look book images

The time bomb is ticking and November 15 seems to be just around the corner. It looks like more and more images of the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M have surfaced, including the much-awaited look book shots which contains menswear pieces and accessories as well.

The items that will be in the production are essentially based on the label's cult pieces from previous runway collections, spanning more than a decade. Included in this collaboration, among others, are the nude leotard from S/S 2007, a wool pea coat from A/W 2000, wedges from S/S 2007, clutch from S/S 2010, cotton mix sock sweater from A/W 1991 and cotton jeans from A/W 2000:

This 'reproduction' concept is a fundamental design motto that this house has been known for, ever since Margiela overturned the conspicuous consumption in the 80's with his conceptually profound idea of re-working vintage and everyday household items into something wearable. 

Harking back to the year 1994 - from his interview with Suzy Menkes for The New York Times, it seems that nostalgia has always been a part of his design ethos by being inspired by certain periods in fashion:

"Authenticity is more and more important - instead of imitating originals, I decided to make complete reproductions" 
- Martin Margiela talking about his fall 1995-1996 which was based on period clothing.

Even though the house is currently not helmed by the revered designer himself (he left his namesake label for an unknown reason in 2009, leaving it under the Diesel company which already acquired MMM since 2002), this project still seems to be able to echo Margiela's vision back in 1994:

"I think I always look forward. But it is a nicer feeling for myself to go forward by looking backwards." 

A selection of accessories from Maison Martin Margiela for H&M (clockwise, from top left): lucite heels, watch bracelet, glove purse, candy wrapper faux leather clutch

I for one cannot be happier to see H&M and Margiela team releasing these 'reproduced' items for sale. It is an opportunity for newer Margiela fans like Arman and I to appreciate MMM conceptual designs firsthand, despite the high probability that they might be not as refined as the real McCoy were (some of the die hard fans of the 'authentic' Margiela would agree with me). 

It may also be a wishful thinking for me to anticipate this as an 'education' to the masses about the elusive Belgian designer, but nevertheless I do hope the house will garner a new generation of fans from this collaborative effort. If the turnout come the day of launch would be disappointing, then I'll use that to my personal advantage to scoop the baggy pants and the streamlined camel coat...

all images via The Fashion Spot

words by Hafidzudin

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thompsonboy said...

I won't be around when they launch this...I am practically in jungle. Any chance of helping me get the candy wrapper clutch? :(

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