Nov 4, 2012

Red pants and Repetto shoes

Have you ever got the feeling of wearing something striking but acceptably conservative?

I did, with these chili red jeans from Guess. I initially have a deep-seated aversion to bright red, plus, I rarely wear striking bottoms these days. But to me it serves as a good option to escape from my uniform of khaki, grey and navy blue trousers that I wear to work on a daily basis. Sometimes a pop of bold color is all we need to spruce the outfit up, isn't it? 

If you recall I attempted a slightly similar hue back in the student days with the discounted H&M pants. True to its nature of low-quality fabric, the color faded after repeated wash and I hope the pants have found another owner - I donated left them at a charity bin in my neighbourhood.

Another item that I need to cherish more often is these soft suede booties from Repetto. By cherish I don't mean leaving them on unworn in the shoe rack, or worse, kept with the shoe box and tissue papers intact (don't get me wrong, I do understand the sentimental/financial values luxury apparel give to the purchaser, what with the exquisite packaging and the wrappings of crisp tissue papers. I still keep the only Prada shoe box I have with the papers intact). I mean WEARING them on the streets - yes, the nasty tarry road, dirt, mud and gravels are the biggest enemy against the fluffy upper and supple neutral leather soles.

You might not agree on this but personally I don't see the point of purchasing something luxurious if not to be worn insouciantly. To me the more expensive the items are, the less you should care about it being damaged (the upside is these things can be brought to leatherwear specialists for continuation of care). What's luxury to me is being able to wear something without thinking about the items all the time. 

But then again, had I changed my mind about the notion of luxury, I might just wear those treasured Repettos in the confines of marble-floored malls of Kuala Lumpur to save them from impending irreversible damage...

Weekend tee, Guess jeans, Repetto booties, Uniqlo socks, Celine bag

P/S:  That neon Ikea cushion is random!

words by Hafidzudin

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