Nov 15, 2008

The experimental game

Recently Mr Najmi has been creative with his photoshop settings and voila! Thanks to him look at what he's done to my fugly backdrop ! No more piles of clothes lying all over the place. No more pain in the eyes. Just pure focus on my outfits! Of course there are more possible ways to enhance the esthtetics of the background, but for the time being this will suffice. Well now I believe how much wonder photo-chopping can create. The possibility is endless!

  • jacket MNG
  • oversized sweater Sisley
  • jeans H&M
  • bag Adidas for Stella McCartney


angelus_izika said...

see!!! I told u guys u can do it!! after this we can swap colors, change tone, and perhaps, visual scar debridement??

gizmo_pony said...

cun cun gambo nih

magma3637 said...

maybe you should use this picture for your header picture (",)y

naboonies said...

@angelus: cheeky you! hopefully there's more than smudge and blur can do!

@gizmo: mekasih

@magma: good idea. perhaps i'll take another one decent enough to put as the header pic.

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