Jun 2, 2013

Not so summer kicks

Past-season fashion will always be in fashion (well, in my books at least), depending on how classic and relevant the design is. Due to the ever changing and rapid turnover of trends I find it too fleeting, and not to mention expensive to keep up with the latest styles of clothing. Hence buying last season items at a fraction of the original price is one of the ways for me to enjoy fashion without creating a huge dent in my bank account which is already burdened with monthly bill payment, etcetera.

 I bought these Marni shoes from their fall/winter 2013 collection during our last trip to Paris. Through my observation I found out that Marni actually produce footwear with a certain aesthetics that perpetuate season after season - there are continuously elements of gladiator sandals, ceaselessly thick chunky soles and heels or the unceasing crisscross leather band for the sandals. This somehow translates to a degree of classicism that I need in my footwear. After all, my cash is always limited for exorbitant purchases like this, so I'm seeing that I could get a bang for the buck with said purchase. After much consideration and going back and forth comparing prices, seeking available sizes and contemplating two similar but different designs (between the ones in the Marni standalone store on Avenue Montaigne and the Printemps shop-in-shop location), I've decided on these:

wearing Marni FW2013 shoes with H&M trousers, Christopher Kane t-shirt, Comme des Garcons  wallet, Uniqlo +J cardigan, eBay belt, Ayame socks

wearing the Marni shoes with Muji pyjama, sleeping pants from Giant, Uniqlo bucket hat 

They are chunky, considerably height-augmenting and acceptably not too outlandish (again, a personal opinion). The golfer fringed leather flap and the color-block is quite special to me and that is one of the reasons, apart from the interesting discount that made me swipe that credit card. 

Apart from the new purchase I've also been gallivanting in these few years old Calvin Kleins that I've (I mean the cobbler) added a layer of sole to their flimsy, thin leather base. If you look closely there's a line of glue remnant in between the sole (a price to pay for giving your shoes to the neighborhood cobbler). Anyhow I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable wearing ladies shoes with their narrower tip that tend to pinch my big toes, but wearing them was made possible with the help of socks, of course. As I've been repeating myself in this blog a men's size UK 5.5 or 6 is quite hard to find hence the need to wear shoes of malapropos gender.

wearing CK Calvin Klein booties with Christopher Kane t-shirt, H&M custom tailored blazer, H&M shorts, Ayame socks

Here's to another round of unconventional, weather/season-inappropriate footwear!

words by Hafidzudin Zainal
images by my mother, Ahmad Shafwan and Hidayatil Alimi


thompsonboy said...

MEN UK6????!!!! so small your kaki

naboonies said...

thompsonboy, exactly the shopkeepers reaction whenever I ask them for such size!

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