Jun 16, 2013

Art time at Publika

It is such a coincidence when I stumbled into this wonderful mini art exhibition by Nando's at Publika. Of course I'm always bad at catching up the good artistic projects that are going on in and around KL, especially with my current location in Melaka. All I can say is my much needed chatting session with a dear friend definitely ended meaningfully with this beautiful display of local talent, all having such potential to grow successfully...

The most outstanding exhibit that caught the visitors' attention is this three-dimensional paper and water colour installation. The degree of intricate detailing, from the facial expression down to the outfit colour is just breathtaking. Truly a great work of art, I feel.

The artwork is basically about the daily life of an ordinary Malaysian. Of course the multi-ethnic, multicultural theme is persistent in the artist's work. The colonial buildings of KL, the simply dressed people and the pared-down colours evoke an unmistakably nostalgic feeling.

This coffee table with the artwork beneath it was sold at an attractive price of RM4500. I said attractive because of the sheer amount of detailing...

Rooftops in the clouds...

The most interesting display to me is these paneled windows, complete with a typically-Malaysian metal framework which serve as a reassuring security. Some of the glass panels are also missing, a finding quite common with this kind of windows.
 Kompleks Dayabumi sandwiched in between colonial shophouses. Genius.

Look at the guy at the fruit stall!

This is the most beautiful way of dipping one's toes into voyeurism.

Primary school photography session in the olden times.

Looks like the entire school is crammed into one photo.

Teachers line-up.

An interactive exhibit:

Words and images by Hafidzudin Zainal


Asyik Izas said...

WOW creative, innovative and beautiful..:)

gunmetal said...

Thanks for sharing.

If its 3D, it beckons to be seen face to face.

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