Sep 16, 2013

Being nationalistic?

August is filled with nationalistic pride in the air as Malaysians (and Singaporeans) both celebrate their Independence Day during this month. My childhood celebration of Hari Merdeka (as they call it here in Malaysia) consisted of the ritual gathering in front of the television and anticipating for the Merdeka parade. And I could still remember the odd year when my father decided to brave the impossible human traffic at and around Merdeka square and brought the whole family to see the action live. This allowed me to witness firsthand the colourful uniforms and blasting but pleasing sound of the many marching bands  - which I presume one of the reasons of me opting to join the school brass band during Form Two. As I am one of the biggest band geeks in the world I felt bummed not being able to attend activities which involve bands parading down the historic Merdeka Square anymore especially this year, since life and daily job has taken rein over me.

 There's also the possibility that I missed some exciting, and at times, wacky carnival floats by big-budgeted companies to entertain the crowd, that also means a lost photo op. (But from the looks of it there's nothing really new or innovative about the complexity of float-making though). Sadly to say there is nothing much I could do today as well, as the overly clich├ęd annual Malaysia Day gigantic gathering is being held across the South China Sea in Sarawak this morning, which means another lost of potentially golden moment in photography...

But rest assured, a bit of nationalistic mood is infused in this outfit post as I  unconsciously stood in front of a Malaysian flag, near Bangsar Village II recently. So, there you go: my sad attempt to proof pride for the country with incorporating a flag at the background in soft focus, juxtaposed with the clashing colours of my outfit...

I'm wearing Christopher Kane t-shirt, Uniqlo linen mix pants, Nike sneakers, Margiela x Opening Ceremony bag

Words by Hafidzudin Zainal
Images by Zamir Ab Ghafar

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