Jun 21, 2009

Another failed DIY attempt

Here's another part of my sparse DIY series. ( for the time being a total of three including this entry, how pathetic you say?).. Yet alas I failed miserably attempting this project. Yes, just like this one..But anyway I hope you're somewhat inspired to create your own DIY thing, and share with me if you have some interesting results :)

image credit: coolspotter.com

Well, as a pauper I really wanted to emulate these LANVIN cap toe sneaker with grosgrain laces ,just like seen on Michelle Obama sometime ago (can I say one year "sometime ago" ?). But as you can tell I won't justify forking out almost $600 for a pair of sneakers, so a DIY version just seems right at the moment.

The idea was to simply replace the original laces with some kind of ribbon laces. Easy as ABC it may seem, unfortunately, I had this mistake of using such a thick and coarse fabric, so threading the laces through the tiny eyelets was hell and I almost broke my finger doing 12 pairs of eyelets! Not to mention some of the eyelets were starting to get loose due to my forceful traction. (Mental note: next time, in case I wanted to repeat this project, use satin laces instead). Ezzra , who watched me all the way completing this painstaking work suggested tying the ends of ribbons into bow. Whoa even I did not see that coming... Good job Ezzra, next maybe you can be my assistant styling my outfits for this blog? Joking!

This looks way amateur compared to the real deal (which is of sheer perfection of course )

Okay...it was not long until reality slaps me in the face. The shoes' overall aesthetic does not seem right. The flimsy laces look too sloppy and tacky. Maybe I should do like what he/she/it said... buy an exact similar pair of sneakers, patent cap toes and all, take a deep breath and attempt to redo this failed project. Hmmm.... let me think....

It seems that I don't have the heart anymore to venture further into this project..here came the scissors and I snipped off the laces, replaced them with the original ones and sold them to a junior for a dirt cheap bargainer's price. There you go!

I chopped the laces off!

P/S: but I still want to experiment other DIY tutorials as well...and this reminds me to salt-bake a white shirt again , but I just cannot find a cheap shirt to use for the damage frenzy. Remember the burning holes on the previous shirt?


Dinie said...

lanvin isit?
i think the width of your ribbon is too wide. try get a thinner one. then maybe it wil look better. try a non-satin material..the contrast from the rugged shoe and the brand new ribbon is odd!

Markese said...

For a girl I don't think it's a bad look. I kind of like... well like Dinie said a thinner one. And the contrast brings out the ribbon which makes people notice that it's not a normal shoe string.. which in my opinion is a good thing.
Hmm yeah I wouldn't have cut it though!

littlefashionisto said...

ohh... i think you should use grosgrain ribbon because that's what they use for the real one =D

thnks for visitin my blog =D


Frank&Rémy said...

I think so to,try to get thinner ribbon. Will probably work much better.

Btw, good blog uve got and fun to see other guys bloging about mens fashion

Keep up the good job!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Just read your comment now. :P Thanks! Sure, i'm up for the link exchange!

Frank&Rémy said...

more updates!

Anonymous said...

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