Oct 29, 2008

Is it really autumn?

Normally the majority of people dress according to seasons - vibrant colours and/or floral patterns for spring and summer; on the contrary they tend to use dark / monochromatic palette during the cold days of fall and winter. It's as though an unwritten rule of color-to-season coordination has to be applied to everyone. Somehow I wanted to bend the conventional rules a little by wearing 'spring' colors during fall instead of the typical darker hues .

During the weekend I chilled out with my friends and wore this very old pants I bought 6 years ago, trying to emulate the ubiquitous rolled cuff trend (my age? that's a secret I never tell xoxo).

Why does my face look jaundiced? HAHA!

It's really a poor picture but a semi-sheer shirt - how last season! Haha. See? I'm really wearing spring outfit!

I think somehow the pants need to be tailored to give it a more 'carrot pant' look, so that the cuffs fall perfectly on the shoes.
  • Thrifted trench
  • F.O.S linen shirt
  • Cubus (Copenhagen) cardigan
  • U2 pants
  • H&M belt
  • Adidas shoes

P/S: Thanks a lot to Mr Najmi who helped me with photo-chopping!


angelus_izika said...

wow..dare to challenge the conventional rules...I like!!

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Volgotimes.com said...
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Ca said...

Oh, such a light and breezy outfit! Looks great! Bend the rules, that's the real fun!

JEYQ said...

LOVE this outfit.

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