Oct 26, 2008

Red and Yellow

I apologize for not beeing able to post any latest outfits because of my shonky camera batteries. Must find a charger and a new set of AA batteries (yes I'm using the old type of digi cams that runs on chunky batteries). As soon I get all the mumbo jumbo settled I promise I'll make up for it. Well but don't fret yet cause as this blog is about both the towns I'm residing in i.e Volgograd and Gombak, I shall show you voyeurs out there what I have been up to during my summer holiday in my hometown. So let's play a little story telling shall we?

It's freaking cold in here I miss the hot humid climate of Msia. Ouch I'm reminiscing the fun moments in my hometown.

But first, my get-up for hanging out that night :

I'm wearing: Threadless t-shirt, H&M red pants, Lacoste tennis shoes, Reebok holdall, Marc Jacobs glasses (as usual).

Well well what did I do in KL? Called up my buddies and we hung out together that night.
Didn't we need to eat something first?

Before leaving the eatery must grab an i-D mag first!

Werk that pose!

Went to one hangout spot to another. It's KL at night baby, enjoy the city lights!

I see fireflies...

Extra points if you can tell what's the building behind me!

Now this is a tricky one - what's the building behind us called?

I know dinner was long done , but we still can make time to search for a little dessert.

This is not a dunce cap

It's licking tasty gooood!

I'm wishing for a nouveau riche Russian oil tycoon sponsorship =P

Time for a late night supper. I mean VERY late. It was almost dawn!

Scrumptious late night kaya toast anybody?

That's all you guys! Have fun this weekend!


angelus_izika said...

whoaa!! tell Kotoq i miss him and his style!!

naboonies said...

to angelus: everyboy misses him cause he's a ball of fun!

safwan said...

yellow and red.. semangat selangor? ;P

Ca said...

Aaaaw, looks like you had so much fun!

Thank you for the nice comment and welcome to the world of blogging, haha! Keep up the good work, there aren't enough male bloggers around.

Ca said...

And I forgot: completely agree with you. Life is indeed too wonderful to wear a mundane outift... even though I've been feeling more dark and neutral colours lately. It's autumn after all and so cold here in Norway. I guess it's about adding a touch of personality and subtle details to make a simple outfit more interesting.

naboonies said...

@safwan: hoho. who cares about semangat kenegerian? i know some do. btw that outfit was controversial. tu je aku nak ckap.

@ca: we had a blast! your opinion is well said!- everyday i'm looking forward to wearing clothes in a more interesting way than others, i'm always late for classes!

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