Dec 13, 2008

Shake your BOOT-ay!

Excuse the cheesy pun, but that's what I did when I found my ultimate pair of boots for this winter! (cue music "Shake It" by Metro Station ... SHAKE SHAKE... SHAKE SHAKE...)

Since my post about the perfect winter footwear I've been going in and out of shoe shops and thrift stores all over Volgograd in the quest for the perfect bargain. Lady luck was on my side when I discovered this gem at a nearby thrift store. They tick all the check boxes of my perfect boots list :
  1. cheap (obviously, because they're secondhand, duh!)
  2. lace-ups
  3. in good condition, at least externally - the insides are pretty much worn out though
  4. have a decent heel height - yep, needed that extra boost as i'm a bit lacking in the height department. thee hee.
Some people said that these boots look like the ones worn by security guards or the army. It's not like I take that to heart but whatever, being unsurprised by the responds I happily work these boots with my everyday outfit and well hello... it's a wonder how a simple accessory like this can make a 180 degree turn to your outfit !

I like to think this as an alternative to a pair of Doc Martens (as they don't sell those in Volgograd , in addition to the fact that I loathe paying the overpriced shipping fees if I do purchase them online), although my boots are not in the calf-length category.

These past few days I've been adding the boot element to my rather mundane outfits and honestly I'm quite satisfied with the results (more outfit pics with the boots coming in next posts)!

you can always click on the pics for a detailed view of the outfit!

The overall look is of a subtle Cossack reference, I guess - inspired by my previous post about the Paris-Moscow Chanel Collection.
  • thrifted tunic sweater
  • H&M red pants
  • neck warmer (gift from Malchic... wait ya, thank you post coming up!)
  • VPV skinny belt
  • street vendor socks
  • thrifted boots
By the way,the heels on my boots are pretty high - 2.5 inches perhaps - my walk was a little wobbly when I tried them on, whatevs, now I'm werking and mincing down the streets with ease HAHAHA! However these are nothing compared to the YSL Johnny boots:

Nicolas Sarkozy much? Whoopsie!



angelus_izika said...

i thought u gonna get urself a calf-level boot...but this pair is fiery anyway :)

i think it'd look lovely if you pair it up with your navy-colored pants, n that yellow jumper..or have u sold that one?

Dreamer said...

nice blog, i have just found it, i like so much the first look, are you¿?

Erik said...

I'm really enjoying your site.

naboonies said...

@angelus: i really want those calf-length ones but the financial endowment is not on my side!

which yellow jumper? can't remember of one. if you're referring to the yellowish cardigan, already sold it to neemo. hehe

@dreamer and erik: thanks you for popping by!

Dreamer said...

sorry, i don´t speak english...
i wanted say if you are the person in thefirst photo?
do u understund me¿?

Ca said...

Fierce boots! Haha, military looking. Sure, we like it a bit rough and edgy!

Erik said...

Я использовал это место для того чтобы перевести от английского к русскому. Я надеюсь что он помогает.

Frederic said...

Oh thank U.
lovely blog.
I want a russian holydays some year..

Dinie said...

this is good.doc marts are too....mainstream?
balenciaga fall 07!

malchic said...

nicholas sarkozy wearing pair of heels? he totally notched it!

werk the red pant all day long sdar!

you're welcome

naboonies said...

@ dreamer: if you're referring to the header image, no it's not me. I've posted a few pics of myself (mostly in black glasses) if you scroll down a bit.

@ Ca: fierceee right? yea, a lil bit edginess and manliness won't hurt. but i'd love some pointy boots too!

@ Frederic: beware Russian winter is soo cold!

@ dinie: thanks! yup doc marts are absolutely mainstream but blame the sart who posted a guy wearing those boots(?) he looks damn cool!

i get the balenciaga reference: the silhouette, the neck warmer sans the cropped blazer right?

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