Dec 16, 2008

a BiG thank you!

Gosh, I should have done this a long time ago but being the procrastinator that I am a simple task like this seems forever to be completed. That being said I'd like to thank my pals Malchic and Safwan for their birthday presents. Sorry it took a long time to feature your gifts :)

click on the pics for details!

Malchic made me this wonderful scarf @ neck warmer. I'm truly indebted by his sheer hard work knitting all this by himself! Unbelievable, how a busy student like him has much time to do such a demanding work. May I say his maiden attempt in knitting has come to a flawless fruition. The neck warmer is made of wool + acrylic yarn knit to perfection and boy, it has fulfilled its task by keeping my exposed neck (as I usually don't zip up my coat) warm. I'd wear it everyday in this crazy weather!

And not to forget merci beaucoup Safwan for listening to my wishes - he got me this cool grey graphic t-shirt from New-Yorker! The shirt's so versatile I can wear it with a lot of outfits, just the perfect addition to the grey palette in my wardrobe.

Also, I hope it's never too late to thank all my readers and other bloggers out there who'd spend their precious time checking this blog and also for the comments and critiques. I'd like to improve the content of the blog and my personal style in the future!



me encantan.. so cool!!1


JEYQ said...

Happy belated Birthday! I hope your day was spent well, and your gifts look so great together!

Oh, I've finally added you to my link list; I dunno why it took me so long to do so.


lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

I like both. But I really like grey, so I´m definitly not objective :)

malchic said...

sdar, thanks a lot for those compliments and all.

it's really not a big deal.

naboonies said...

@Angelnegro: thanks!

@ JeyQ: thanks a lot,even though it's a month ago but i still feel like it was last week that i had my bday party!

thanks for adding me!

@ lilien: yeah who doesnt love grey? :)

@malchic: oh stop being so humble, ferosh la i suke sgt the knit scarf, do more and make bigger ones!!HAHAA

Ca said...

Fun gifts! Must keep yourself warm in this crazy northern winter weather.

safwan said...

cheapo2 bargain je..haha
welcome dear

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