Jan 21, 2009

Examination, Bargain Hunting in Europe

Hi everyone!

It's been quite a while since I posted an entry, thanks to the craziness of studying Public Health in Russian and trying to make sense out of it in English. Nope, I haven't sat for the paper yet, it's only for another day! So I'm using some time that I have left to cram all the last minute information... it's going to be an all-nighter for sure. Oh you know the drills. Eugh.. I can go on and on about the nightmare being a student!!!

Right away after the examination (on the evening) I'll be leaving for the much-anticipated WINTER VACATION! God, I'm so excited right now I couldn't care less about tomorrow's examination (does Russian healthcare system reaaaally matter to a Malaysian comme moi? HAHA!)

Ehem, drum rolls please...I'm vacating in France and the BENELUX countries i.e Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Yay!

The highlight of the holiday is of course going to fashion cities Antwerp and Paris. As usual there's so much opportunity to indulge in the retail experience there, besides, being absolutely new to the Antwerp Six (which composes the avant garde designer heavyweights) pleases me even more, as I'll be treading down the streets of Antwerp in the quest for the best Dries Van Noten / Ann Demeulemeester / Maison Martin Margiela bargain. Also, the younger designers such as Bernhard Willhelm, Raf Simons and Véronique Branquinho are the exciting labels to keep my eyes on.

Makes you wanna sing Margiela, ella-ella...

Ann Demeulemeester 's shop in Antwerp

Images flickr.com

On the other hand, Paris is a gem for vintage / secondhand regulars, especially for a poor student like me. The dépôts-ventes aka consignment shops are also alluring, but I'll keep my fingers crossed - based on my experience finding the perfect item on a restrained budget is very unlikely. Still, I'm hoping to score some vintage YSL in this city. But as I said it all depends on how much moolah I have left :)

My last resort for some retail therapy is of course from the usual suspects of high street stores which litter these cities. Well I'm sure H&M's spring summer line is way affordable compared to the above-mentioned designer lines...

Silently I'm crying inside because I won't be in time to catch Fall/Winter 2009 menswear show in Paris. I'll be late for 4 days! God I wish I can turn back time and plan more properly. I can imagine the chaotic atmosphere surrounding Jardin des Tuileries - all the editors, buyers, and photographers in frenzy doing their stuff. Secretly I'm fantasizing being snapped by the renowned photogs The Sartorialist and Tommy from Jak and Jil. HAHA, how twisted is that? ME? Paris Fashion Week? One can only dream!

Before I delve into this holiday excitement further, I'm off reading more Public Health crap to sleep. Pray for my luck for tomorrow. Ouch.


Ca said...

Hey you! I can read your blog again, yeay!

Hope everything turned out great witht the exam. And gosh, I need to travel to Paris again soon soon soon. And can you imagine, I also missed a Fashion Week while staying in London last year. Just a few days, made me go nuts. Haha, oh well, maybe next time.

You enjoy the much deserved holiday and tell me all about it later!

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

I agree with Ca: Enjoy the holiday and take a lot of pictures ;)

kotsss said...


enjoy ur much deserved holss yaa. and blog abt it asap.

a year ago, u were in Milan & i was in Paris. now, ure on ur way to Paree and i'm all stucked here with work in the 3rd world.

u bitch!

oman said...

nk sambo kurtka kaler merah satu..
size 4/170
mau bwut tdo. LoLz
pg td hampir tjatuh katil & ble sdar spek dgn senget :-|

JEYQ said...

OMG where are you?

naboonies said...

@Ca: Great to hear my avid reader and commenter is back! haha. The exam went well and Paris couldn't be better! What more can I asK?

@Lilien: Yah I took tons of pics, will upload them in a while ya!

@Kotts: but i'm back into cesspool soviet again! it's worse that your 3rd world, believe me haha!

@oman: omg sorry i just got your comment, which kurtka? it's a coat, as in a winter jacket you know, seriously you want to wear that in hot n humid Malaysia?

@JEYQ: I'm baaaaack!

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