Feb 11, 2009

Back again, no pics from recent trip yet!

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since my latest post, 3 weeks exactly from the moment I left for Euro trip. It's been an amazing experience 'backpacking' in a few countries within over 2 weeks .

All is good right here. I can' t wait to update and show you guys the pics of the trip and the loot that I got for meself there! But the thing is somebody's lost my USB cable, so I can't upload them from my camera nor memory card reader.

So to compensate the lack of posts let me muse about my latest inspiration for outfits...

I saw this guy on dropsnap.jp, a Japanese street style site.

He looks really cool despite the rather basic items that he put on - a shirt, zip-up jacket, a sports blazer. And the bottom half is slightly quirkier with those rolled up baggy pants and cream boots.

Combining the 'normal' pieces together his personal take on style is really interesting and unique. How I wish people around me dressed like him, or at least had a thought before putting on that horrendous t-shirt :)

And for the second outfit..

The bottom looks exactly the same but the upper half absolutely gives his whole look a twist! Definitely a different look from the first getup image.

That's all, I really want to show you guys the pics I took in Europe :(
But before anything, have to find the cable first!

1 comment:

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

great to see you back!
i never was in stuttgart, but hope you liked it?

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