Jan 21, 2009

Photo Tag By JeyQ

I've been tagged by the wonderful JeyQ from Citrus Coffee! The rules are as follow:

::go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures
::pick the 4th picture in that folder
::explain the picture
::tag 4 people to do the same

picturesque is the word

Sorry for the late entry Jey! Been hiding my nose in books all this while :)

So here it goes... this pic was taken in winter 2007/2008 in Innsbruck, Austria. It's the small town on the slopes of the Alps best known for it's beautiful ski resort. But ironically I did no skiing there. Me and my friend just had a good walk around town taking some silly pictures and did a little shopping. Speaking about shopping they also have this huge Swarovski store which also places a museum with mesmerizing crystal crafts and exhibits. Seriously, you guys should come to this small lovely town and avoid Vienna HAHA. The place is small and everything is within walking distance but the view is reallyyyy breathtaking I tell ya!

Now now, the 4 lucky persons I'm tagging are:

angelus from Conductive Aphasia

neemo from Part Twenty Something

from Felicityed

Dinie from The 4th Juki on the Right

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