May 3, 2009

Relax, they're just pants!

Recently my ongoing browse on eBay (the story of which will be told on the next post) yields a pair of thai fisherman pants which immediately reminds me of the resurrected harem pants trend. I have not seen a lot of guys donning this relaxed silhouette, but I'm instantly reminded of these three images from the blogosphere. The first one is Steve from one of my favorite menswear blogs Style Salvage, who "steal's" the H&M x CdG drop crotch pants from his girlfriend Susie and styled them quite magnificently with a grey cardigan and a wicked pair of black boots. The next image from The Sartorialist shows a guy wearing the drop crotch pants without giving in to its feminine nature. Last but not least I really admire Yamamoto's Fall 2009 collection with his signature all-black ensembles and the ever lasting relax fit of the clothes which inspires me for a nice outfit combo.

Top to bottom: Steve from Style Salvage, The Sartorialist, Yohji Yamamoto Fall 2009
photo credit:, the Sartorialist,

Despite being weary of the public's reaction I decided to debut the pants at the Volgames Dinner. Little that I know I attracted some unwanted attention all the way from the bus station to the venue itself. And this one fellow Malaysian, of many people, even gave me a really freaked out head-to-toe gaze as if I just let a poisonous fart into his mouth. The usual gawk and stare affair is a given though, and I gradually became more comfortable and confident with my outfit that night - these are a pair of extra loose pants afterall!

Me flanked by Volgograd's chic girls

Cherry blossoms

Kyuso jacket, Mexx mao collar shirt, Karachi scarf, eBay fisherman pants, mum's doctor bag, Giordano Concept pointy shoes

photogs: top photo-Yat using Ashraf's SLR, bottom two: Najmi


angelus_izika said...

pedulik je org yg freak out tu hahaha..bajet lebih..

Dr. Debonaire said...

you look great. love the bag!

p.s. i usually buy women's blazers bc all the men's ones are too big for me

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

the bag is from your mommy? UNbelievable!

Ca said...

Oh who cares about the envious stares. Strut your stuff!

Haha, I mean walk with your head high in those cool loose trousers! Looking good!

malchic said...

blow this ppl out!!!

Frederic Betancourt. said...

I love first one!

Dinie said...

HEY! you always find nice finds!

do you have facebook?
anywway, i have no idea how you got those because i dont understand online shopping.
maybe if u stumble upon more pants,inform me!!lol

anyway,who cares what others say.
you have to make the most of the location ur at now.
when you go back in malaysia, there is NO WAY you can wear something like this and feel normal.

sharinna said...

omg, i so love ur pants. seriously, jgn fikir banyak, U LOOKED GREAT IN IT with the blazer and the scarf adds the extra ommph. good job =)

sharinna said...

eh i mean jacket =)

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