May 8, 2009

The deflowering of an eBay virgin

As I'm typing this with one hand while another swiping the overflowing mucus off my nostrils thanks to the much-awaited flu, I was contemplating my eBay frenzy in buying all sorts of odds and ends including some items to spice up my wardrobe: a brown blazer, 3 narrow belts, the Thai fisherman pants as I featured in the last post, and much more accessories, stay tuned!

Here I wore the recently shipped polyester blazer, my first eBay bid won ever. It's amusing how I nonchalantly bid for the article - heck I did not even check the exact measurement! All that I know is I really want that and no body will have it - well it turns out that there's a strategy in bidding i.e place your best bet on the few remaining minutes *knock on my own head*. So yes I won the blazer and waited impatiently for it. However there are a few obvious downfalls buying stuff online - the shipping fees can suck the money off my pocket (the blazer hails all the way across the Atlantic) and there's this doubtful fit of the clothing item, not to mention the inaccurate description of the pieces, which can be really disappointing at times.

Take for an example this 'leather' belt pictured: the seller claims that it is authentic leather, but it turns out to be a synthetic polyurethane crap! I suppose he doesn't expect buyers' ability to distinguish between the real deal and the fake one. So there goes my first 'negative feedback'. In the end it doesn't bother me much really; it's a dirt cheap belt and looks sturdy enough, hence the following purchase of 2 belts from the same seller (oi fake leather belt seller, please don't kill me)!

And back to the ill-fitting blazer. The eBay shop image showed a super skinny blazer on the model, but it turns out really big for me as my body is a whole lot smaller than the model's, obviously. What is XS for Americans is definitely an M for me. In the end it fits me rather nicely to be honest, and I try to take some positive out of it: there's always a possibility to roll up the cuffs or just pull the elbows up, like pictured.

The vintage shoes, on the other hand gets real love from me, although the soles fell apart just after a few hours of 'test-driving' on the streets of Paris last winter. Hence the need of bringing them to the nearby cobbler who stitched the soles together, which I might add, gives some character to the shoes. Oh and did I mention the substantial heels? ROCK ON!

Finally I also gave the "denim over denim" look a try by combining this denim shirt with my indigo jean, which I think is possible for further experimentation... I must say, I'm quite pleased by how it turned out! What do you think?

It's already spring, but why do I keep on wearing fall/winter colours?
eBay blazer, Topman denim shirt, Castro indigo jean, eBay narrow belt, D&G watch, Paris vintage lace-ups

photog: Ezzra
P/S: blame the long-windedness of this post to my revenge on the flu which made me stay in bed all day!


khalid said...

damn the flu..

chiiliyeow said...

can i gv a negative comment here if i may say that the roll up legs created a chop-off look as you rolled up the sleeves.How about a pre-scratched or torn legs without rolling up the legs??it sure has a vintage look with your blazer:)

Dunia said...

Ahaha I just came across your blog.. and my name is Dunia. Are you muslim?

naboonies said...

khalid. luckily we survived it yea?

chiiliyeow, any constructive criticism like your is always welcomed. your idea sound interesting, might try it some time, but in this case i'd like to emphasize on the substantial heels of the shoes, hence the cuff on the jeans.

Dunia, well hello there! Yes I am a Muslim, and Dunia in Malay is 'world' (I'm sure it's taken from the Arabic with the same meaning yes?)

chiiliyeow said...

wheeee......let's exchange link!!=)

chiiliyeow said...

me name= hui qian...=)

Ca said...

Blue on blue and brown, I like the combination! And the blazer doesn't look too big in the photos.

Haha, can you believe I still haven't gone crazy over eBay? Trying to resist the temptation, haven'g gotten a thing yet!

izzy said...

substantial heels rock. your shoes scream Bottega Veneta!

The Pauper said...

So close, yet..
The blazer don't seem too awkward around the shoulders, though it isn't exactly the best fit. But the thing I'd pick on is the length. Just that little bit too long makes all the difference. Tsk, shame..

Loving those shoes though. It's a bit behind but why not try doing without the socks with your rolled pants next time? ;]

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