Dec 26, 2010

Dude and the Duchess -the bottomless principle

It is no news that everybody knows that I'm really bad when it comes to saving money. The statement is pretty much evident by the fact that the earnings I acquired from the Leftblock junk sale was almost immediately spent after we headed to Bangsar Shopping Village. The initial plan of which was to find the latest Beyonce DVD for a friend, but in fact, it turned out to be a good half and hour of perusing in Dude and the Duchess store just at the upper ground floor of the mall.

Dude and the Duchess is a local clothing label which is spearheaded by a trio of friends -  Richard Tsen, a local designer,  interior designer Ben Yong and Ben Read the graphic designer (the latter two of Delicious restaurant fame).

Their interesting principle is selling basics without bottoms, because they firmly believe that a lot of people already have been covered in the 'bottoms' department - be it the black skirt, a good pair of slacks or even the oftly-used skinny jeans that we just can't seem to live without.

It was true regarding the 'bottomless principle' - upon entering the premise my sight was welcomed by a bottom-less mannequin holding an umbrella, in front of a bicycle.

The clothes seem to be more of semi-formal or perhaps office-wear type. They comprise of shirts which are seemingly basic but however on closer inspection are with quirky details for men, like that detached lapels, perhaps invented for those who cannot bear the heat of a real blazer/coat/jacket. I think it can be worn over either shirts or t-shirts...(the photo of which I'll show you later)...

Alas a small-framed me cannot precisely tick the 'Dude' box. Rather, I'm ashamedly more interested in one of their lady's shirts, which not surprisingly fits me quite well.




I'm particularly attracted to the wing-like detail on the chest, which also reminds me of an ornate origami of some sort. The contrast of the shoulder and the body is apparent in the difference of texture, pattern and sheerness. May I say it vaguely reminds me of Raf Simons as well?

I shall wear this to a Christmas dinner party (don't get me wrong, I don't exactly celebrate Xmas but it's more towards an excuse to have a night out with friends and be merry...)

P/s: Yesterday a self-respected specialist actually asked me HOW to spell 'Merry' as in Merry Christmas..classic case of confusion between 'merry and 'marry' actually... I was bursting with laughter internally :)


Giancinephile said...

Very interesting details on your shirt!

Giancinephile said...

Very interesting details on your shirt!

mystical said...

I find the quality of clothing there to be a bit mixed. Whats annoying is they can't even list the materials which the clothes are made from. Isn't there some kinda local law regulation regarding this?

I notice another local brand (I think) Key Ng does the same thing too. They just put a tag labeled 'Japanese fabric' which doesn't mean anything when some of their fabrics feel crappy.

Sorry for the rant. For what its worth, I like the designs in Dude and Duchess.

Taj said...


muib said...

dear, ive just got this shirt, thanx a lot. i love it so much :)i bought it just to attend a wedding just right after i read this post

naboonies said...

Mystical- I do agree with your sentiment. The quality of the fabric is somehow questionable compared to the fairly steep price. A shirt above RM100 must at least be labeled with information about the material involved in the production. The fabric indeed feels 'cheap' to touch. However I think for the designer's justice I think it's. not a bad considering the thought process in designing the shirt. Sorry for rambling I hope I made a point!

Perhaps there is no such law whatsoever regarding fabric information in tags. That's why they probably just slap a random 'Japanese fabric' label? This needs further delving into.

Muib- I'm quite flattered that you read my blog and to think it might have the slightest influence on people out there! Enjoy the shirt but beware the sligtly snug bust area(it IS a women's shirt haha)

Nabooniesp@Dunia Fashyon

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