Dec 19, 2011

Roaches ate my Christopher Kane!

This entry deserves a hell lot of bold and exclamation marks because it's true, boys and girls!!!

The damned pest, notorious for lurking in narrow crevices and striking in pitch dark apparently has been staying in my closet since God knows when!!!

And they have decided to nibble my Christopher Kane SS2011 cosmic print t-shirt!!!

I don't believe it I hear you say? Have a look for yourself...


I could imagine hearing those tiny but strong labial palp gnawing away this delicate modal fabric...
And the best part is, the insect has decided to place a bite at one of the most beautiful galactic sections on the shirt.

And as I wear it the holes are inevitably getting wider and wider!!!

The thought of these pest consuming my another Kane treasure is virtually unfathomable...

It's all too little too late. The damage has been done.

P/S: Curbing the infestation using the old method (boric acid crystals) might seem like the only way to put a stop to the cockroaches.


mystical said...

Sorry to hear that. That t-shirt was one of its kind. I thought this only happens with wools. Yikes! said...

How dare they little monsters!!! :P

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