Dec 17, 2011

Versace for H&M cruise collection 2012

And so, this year's biggest high/low collaboration has been extended to a cruise collection! Looking at the latest images makes me like their previous autumn/winter assemble less and less (except for that wonderfully gaudy Hawaiian print shirt which is the only piece that I wanted to acquire from the collection, BUT are unquestionably sold out).

On the other hand, next season Versace x HM partnership entices the guys with a less showy, and perhaps a more built-together wardrobe, with monochromatic colors like blue, white and black dominating the entire collection. These are the items that I like from the preview images...

Denim shirt with Versace's ubiquitous meander pattern (also known as Greek key pattern) - suitably apt for a casual/semi-formal mix on a lazy Sunday afternoon, reading a book on history of Greek art, perhaps.

The white equivalent of similar design is a more formal option - a wedding reception in a hotel, maybe? (I always visualise all things formal has to be a themed hotel-related occasion, blame it on my middle-class mentality...)

 The shorts section similarly offers tailored/casual options. I don't really wear shorts but if I was born with a tall lithe figure in the next karma I'd wear these any time of the day...

In addition, the collection also attempts to lure gentlemen with loungewear, which comes in the form of this silky-looking robe, again with the Meander pattern (in a more ostentatious way, of course).

The accessory department otherwise reverbrates with the sheer luxury excess very familiar to Versace. I don't really fancy them, but I would snap up these had I been a label-hungry university student with cash to burn (gone were the days of excess indulgences on Italian labels).

Tell me, which item(s) do you like?

Images via Hypebeast


Anonymous said...

I hope this collection is priced similar to regular non-designer H&M clothing! And this collection is so much more wearable! I can't imagine who snagged the pink suit in the previous one. I like the blue shorts and belt! :P

naboonies said...

Hi Terence,

From my observations most, if not all designer/high street collab stuff has higher price point, well, because they're 'designed' by these designers.

ZaroL said...

When i looked to this...i feel like i want it too. heh !

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