Apr 23, 2012

Shoeaholic: Missoni - Converse collab, Margiela mesh boots

From time to time, instead of 'serious' topics like the unrest in Syria, child labor or the wildfire spread of HIV and tuberculosis, my mind lingers on shoes. Yes, those seemingly unimportant things your wear on your feet. Call me whatever you wish, but that's how my thought works. And recently I have been thinking about these shoes that might not matter much compared to the issues I mentioned above, but might just make somebody like me a wee bit happier owning them.

You know how high/low collaboration makes me feel. I say yes to fashion democracy. Make people dream of the beautiful things they can't afford, but please rightfully make a mass-produced collection that even someone like me can purchase on a whim. Please give an applause to Missoni's latest collaboration with Converse. God I can't even afford their diffusion line M Missoni. Well, the ones sold in Starhill Gallery at least *cough* mark up*cough*. So this zigzag-laden Chuck Taylor sneakers might be just the answer. I don't know about you, but with a price point of USD200 a pop I might think twice, because to me it's still quite pricey for a pair of canvas sneakers. Anyhow, my favorite is the blue version. They're available on Converse website now.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
images via fashionologie

The second shoes do not typically fit my kind of footwear, because I'm not quite sure if I can work these Margiela mesh booties complete with perspex heels. But looking at the shoes in person during my paparazzi-style coverage at Runway in Saigon made me fall in love with them instantly. Just for the sake of their beauty, that is. Not to mention how they can be an excellent instant height-increasing device!

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images via net-a-porter

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