Oct 4, 2012

The Sandwich Bag: WANT or SHAN'T?

It was love at first sight. 

Since being introduced on the runway last January I can’t stop thinking about the clutch. My ‘accountant–self' has been battling hard with my ‘fashion-slave' other half as I'm trying to justify the rationale behind acquiring what could be the “most expensive paper bag in the world” (The  Telegraph/ British Vogue).

Jil Sander Fall Winter 2012 fashion show.
image source: nowfashion.com

image source: nowfashion.com
Then it started 'mushrooming' on select menswear online store since end-August. LN-CC had the coated paper version of the ‘Vasari’ bag in two sizes (medium and small) - priced at £185 and £175 respectively. Mr. Porter ‘casually’ placed the leather version of the ‘Vasari’ in black deerskin leather priced at around £490. All variants have now SOLD OUT at both websites (blame the international shipping and those Chinese & Russian ultra-luxe customers).

image source: Mr Porter
Realistically, the price is a bit too overpriced for me. Sartorially, it would be a great addition in the wardrobe. I can see myself using it going out running errands, casual brunch on Sundays or even to a friend’s wedding (as if I don’t have enough bags for all that already). Eventually I have decided that I’ll just wait until the Christmas Sale and if I happen to meet any of them (upon divine intervention) during shopping then it is meant to be or else; I’ll just order a McD delivery, starch the paper bag and call it my own Vasari instead.

image source: LN-CC
Looks familiar? The 'Vasari' Stepbrother (they never met)
image source: blogspot.com
The thing about being a fashion victim is that, the hunter (brands) never hunts for you (consumer). We search for our hunter and hand out our souls to them (with Amex cards all inclusive). Exactly that was what happened to me last weekend. I kept perusing all over the Internet checking out the newest collection being sashayed down the Paris Fashion Week runway. From Dries to Balenciaga to Carven to Givenchy (skipped Mugler while at that) to Dior; I went through, look after look, of each collection in an ‘obsessive’ attempt to make myself even poorer next year.

It all went down to Celine. They will never know but that sandwich/organic grocery bag is the BAG for me. What makes matters worse is they come out in variants of colors. I specially covet the one in red.

From humble observations (surfing nowfashion.com with ‘zoom-in’ function that is) the bag has identical silhouette to the Jil Sander’s albeit looking softer in texture (perhaps, lambskin?) but the wider size in appearance is up to my liking. The softer edges make it look more feminine (I can hear my dad complaining) but the self-righteous me believe it can be ‘manned’ up.

It’s a well-known fact that Celine price tags are not your wallet’s best friend. So all I can do right now is pray hard (and sell my kidneys while at it) that I can actually own it next year. Perhaps if I came across the Jil Sander’s during Christmas Sale later this year then I can justify giving the Celine a pass. God forbid I will have to succumb to the ‘lesser-than-thou’ version in Zara (touch wood…touch wood)

Celine Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Show
image source: nowfashion.com
Style.com instagram-ed this photo during their re-see at Celine showroom. Such a tease!
Image source: styledotcom's instagram

Written by Arman


thompsonboy said...

Nah...almost the same thing...cheaper


malaychic said...

thompsonboy: Oh wow! Way cheaper. Will definitely consider this too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

oh god, if i weren't a income-less college student the Jil Sander would be one of my first purchases (:

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