Oct 1, 2012

Getting Shirty: reconnected with the yellow-stained shirt

I've had a bundle of shirts that I've been meaning to wear, but due to my clothes-hoarding obsession I tend to forget about all this pile in my closet. They just lie unworn and consequently, much to my dismay, some of them start to yellow due to under-usage. 

I strongly suspect the intense Malaysian humidity makes a conducive environment for this kind of discoloration process to occur. I'm not sure exactly how, although there are a few speculations on this issue, but I think you can compare it to a turf of moss slowly growing on a dark, moist surface. What's even worse is keeping your clothes in a crowded space, that makes them prone to be savaged by moths/cockraches (shuddering at the thought of my hole-y Christopher Kane t-shirt...)

Wearing Mambo shirt, Sisley pants, Clarks Wallabee shoes, Zara leather messenger bag

So I decided to wear again one of the light colored shirts of yesteryears particularly this one by Mambo, an Australian surf wear brand (the only Malaysian store, if I'm not mistaken, used to be in Suria KLCC a few years back). It is dusty pink in color and as a result the yellow discoloration is more obviously seen, especially around the collar and shoulder areas. Hopefully the trusty fabric detergent will remove the stains away.

Wearing Dries Van Noten shirt, Veronique Branquinho cotton trousers, Happy Socks socks, Bally thrifted shoes, MM6 x Opening Ceremony bag, eBay sunglasses

I don't plan to let the same thing happen to his virginal white summer shirt by Dries Van Noten. The soft cotton makes it a delicate piece and I just love how breezy it looks, and I also don't  intent to tailor it to my size. And the soft, worn out Veronique Branquinho trousers compliment everything, no? Just let the fabric hang loosely!

On another note it's good to know that Branquinho revived her brand after filing for bankruptcy three years ago, and she came back with aplomb. Now she's focusing on a slightly lower-priced collection that her former namesake brand, on top of another collaboration gig. Let's see what she has to offer soon...

written by Hafidzudin
twitter: @naboonies

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