Nov 27, 2008

The Feminine X Geriatric conflict

Yesterday I bought a brown wool jacket/shirt at my neighbourhood thrift store (the reason of the ambiguity is I don't know the appropriate clothing terminology to call this umm... thing?) From now on let's call it a shirt because that's what I think it is...

The moment I saw it I was intrigued by the question : how am i going to style this shirt? The fabric is so thin and billowy it exudes femininity. Well it's truly a downside of thrifting when the store's stocks mostly comprise of women's fashion, hence the frequent purchase of clothes mostly belonging to the opposite gender .

At the same time the color and material of this piece immediately reminds me of a typical aged Volgograd citizen's clothing - namely because they are the most frequent visitors of the above-mentioned thrift store, and I can't blame them for preferring muted / earthy tones over trendy outfits that the youth here tend to wholeheartedly wear.

Shoving the question about what gender/ age-limit should wear this or that clothes, I tried to muster some courage to wear the shirt today. At first I came to a dead end when trying to decide what should I pair this shirt with. After a few times changing pants / jeans I decided to wear this with my Benetton V-neck sweater, a pair of indigo skinny jeans from Castro and I styled it up with a plum scarf and a watch.

The shirt's cut is very relaxed and this worries me a little bit because it really takes me out from my comfort zone of tight jackets and snug trench coats. My doubt is: should I tailor this shirt in order to get a better cut or should I leave it alone? (I envy those Japanese guys who can get away any kind of crazy cuts and shapes- super baggy/ super skinny). Any further suggestions or critiques about how should I style this shirt?

Shirt thrifted
Sweater United Colours of Benetton
Jeans Castro
Boots thrifted

*Post edit: I should've belted this shirt with my maroon Ermenegildo Zegna belt!


angelus_izika said...

OMG naboo!! now that u mentioned it..

I'd like ypu to check back my blog, about the post of the ailing old couple..and have a closer look to the pics..

anyway, u totally "gawk" the shirt (sic)

kanak2 bijak said...

i have an idea, wear it with legging (no pants! hawt~@!) lol

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

Oh, I really like it!
Yeah, leggings and Boots ;)

naboonies said...

@angelus: yeah such a coincidence no? really i need to style it better to get away from the 'oldies' look.

@kanak2and lilien: brilliant idea, but i'd probably don't have the guts to wear it outside..the boots are an awesome addition too! how bout doc martens? cool,non?

Ca said...

Haha, yes you should have belted it! With a matching brown belt or black with studs... depending on wether you want the casual or more edgy look.

Anyway, it looks supercosy and very comfortable. Must be warm too, just my kind of slouchy shirt/cardigan! I have too many oversized ones, haha.

naboonies said...

@ ca: the studded belt idea is genius! i must look for a cheap one around here.

the shirt is very warm, can you imagine i wore it while it was +3 degree Celsius outside! you can't have too many oversize stuff. (well in case we grow out of them aka. become fatter) thee hee.

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