Nov 28, 2008

The Lacoste Twins

I was blog-hopping today and landed upon this beautiful French blog showcasing style shots - Garance Doré. The photos are fantastically shot and tastefully done, I can't help to ogle at each one of them (my fingers are fatigued from clicking those previous posts!) . Lo and behold upon incessant clicking the previous entries I bumped on this picture of a girl wearing a pair of 'vintage' Lacoste trainers! Hey gurl did you get yours at Stockholm 'cos I got them there last summer.

Please tell me, who wears them better? ;)

I'm falling in love already with this blog. It portrays the quintessential French chic-ness at its best! This challenges me to improve my wardrobe (the key is lotsa editing in outfits, don't you agree?) I guess you fashion blogger cliques out there must have discovered this gem a long time ago. Now will you excuse me, now it's my time to continue drooling over the crystal clear images there.


angelus_izika said...

I visited the blog and its just splendid!!!

if only this is not yat's laptop from where I blog in, I'd totally bookmarked it..

and of course u wear them better, dear...huhuhu (for the sake of friendship :)

jellyfungus said...

I want new shoes to go to London in.

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

haha, I could wear them BUT funnily enough I always forget to look for them! Next week I will look for them ;)

izzydore said...

Hey there, thanks for the comment. I'm a beginner blogger myself, so we have that in common too.

I love your shoes in this post, where are they from? I checked your other outfit posts as well and I especially like the textured socks look. I've been trying to incorporate socks into my look, but I always end up going sockless because I'm just lazy like that. haha

evie said...

of course you rock them better! :) and i know what you mean about garance dore. i can't stay away from that blog event though i don't understand a word!

naboonies said...

@angelus izika: nasib baik u ckp i pkai lagi chantique kalo x.. vavavoom u kene sumpah jadi Adibah Noor. hehe.

@jellyfungus: that sounds like a birthday wishlist. (pretend i didnt read your comment).

@lilien: wow. you're pretty ballsy. buy it ASAP and post some pics ok?

@izzydore: thanks for replying! well the shoes are from Lacoste. Surprisingly the design is cooler than their average models. "Vintage" feel perhaps?

You won't believe it, those socks cost pretty much nothing! I got them at my favorite thrift store VPV (they are new of course).

@evie: hi there! I've been reading your blog for quite a while now. and tongue in chic too! well garance dore is fabulous. i'm all set to search for more interesting style blogs!

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