Nov 24, 2008

Red Hot

No, this post is not related to the cool band Red Hot Chili Pepper by any means whatsoever. It's more about my pants color, in this case it's red with some faded effect. I stumbled upon some pictures thanks to the 'net and and tadaa... it's time to emulate! The look has a little bit of spring feel to it albeit the cold weather i.e autumn here in Volgograd. Please excuse the shoddy cut of my pants - they're from H&M anyway. Not forgetting this is my first try in photo-chopping. Don't stop yourselves from laughing/jeering/frowning at my school-boyish attempt of creating a 'dreamy' background. But still, it's miles better than showing my fugly room anyway.

Images :, the Sartorialist,

And now, presenting my own take of the red pants:

  • Sweater Esprit
  • Plaid shirt thrifted
  • Pants H&M
  • Shoes Clarks
  • Watch Guess


jellyfungus said...

cute b/g! teach me how nak buat sume tu plis!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i will not post it as red catch attention it should be the ketchup pants..

anyway..good blog..

own p.s: only this season mustard and ketchup are officially accepted by fashionista..

JEYQ said...

i love this especially the pants!

Ca said...

Looking hot in those fiery pants, haha!

Thank you for the congratulation, I had so much fun at the birthday party. Pictures posted, enjoy!

I've been thinking about coloured pants too, but bright isn't really my colour. I have electric blue and sea green, must try to wear them soon.

naboonies said...

@jellyfungus: no problemo.

@aizat: hey fellow Gombakian! yeah I should've thought of a better post. anyway, thanks for visiting. your blog is effing hot!

@jeyQ: thanks a lot!

@Ca: It's fiery, alright! It surely tests my confidence walking in public in such a bright color.

I love electric blue! Wear then now HAHA

Terencesambowrites said...

:o) not bad lol

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

wow, think about buying a red jeans ;)

Dinie said...

isnt that a line from stylista?
"own p.s: only this season mustard and ketchup are officially accepted by fashionista.."

we need h&m here.

naboonies said...

@terence: thanks, this is another beginner sartorial attempt!

@lilien: you should!

@dinie: really? which episode? well one must think of a more original line i suppose.:)

SoK DObRie said...

thats piping hot pant u got down there!!

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