May 30, 2009

Last Day and an Hombré

Yesterday was my final class of the semester, or to put it correctly, of the WHOLE medical course! I have these mixed emotions during the final moments of being a medical student. I feel liberated from the confining rules of unnecessary Russian administrative and bureaucracy malarkey. Yet I have this sense of belonging in this ex-Socialist country. Who would have thought sacrificing SIX years of my short life in this vast Eastern European country has etched a bitter sweet memory in the corner of my heart? I've spent most of my young adult life living here for god's sake! Many of my mates are relieved all of this is over and really looking forward to leaving this gloomy place, but I for one want this dumbfounding experience to linger a wee bit longer... I'm sure although everybody's eager to take the next flight to Kuala Lumpur they will somehow reminisce all the memorable events, sweet or unpleasant, once they step their feet on the hot and humid soil of Malaysia.

Ranting and being emotional aside, I really try to maximise my few weeks left here to conjure the best outfits that I could before going home, where the weather does not permit much Justify Fulllayering and of course, where being different is usually frowned upon.

New Yorker cardigan, Mambo shirt, H&M khaki pants, eBay glasses, eBay belt, Benetton bag, vintage shoes, VPV socks

I wore this new hombré effect cardigan that is not only over-sized, but costs next to nothing to class (it's a grand-dad cardigan perfection if you ask me). I've been looking everywhere for this type of graduated colors but most shops (including eBay) really hike the price up when it comes to some simple tie-dye effects like this. I know I have promised myself to stop buying 'warm' clothes but in this case the price tag really makes my knees wobble (not that it has some osteoarthritic effect on my menisci, oops med geek alert!). It did not take a long time before I grabbed this XL cardigan to the counter. A bargain couldn't get any better than this!

I know I've oft-repeatedly posted these vintage lace ups but I think you have to take a better look the substantial heels that I was talking about. I love to add an extra inch or two as I'm really lacking in the height department, as you have noticed. And the textured socks...what can I say? Purchased at the VPV shop for a measley 20 or 30 rubles (that's not even ONE US dollar!), I love the quality and the color and may I repeat, the texture!

photog: Najmi

But before I go all excited with the time left for outfit-combining and window-shopping I should mention that I have another 2 weeks of hellish final examination to endure. Pray for moi, I beg of you!


JEYQ said...

LOVE hombre, especially that one!
I was in Gucci the other night and saw those loafers. I almost died. Too bad they're almost $800 bucks.

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

so, you are living in russia for studying?

Ca said...

Aaah, those heels. Wonder how it must be to walk in them, comfortable?

I have one more week to go then I'm done with this semester. Good luck to both of us!

And be just as different as you want, that's what makes us all unique.

Homme Times said...

I love how you take risks. That jacket is just amazing. It's actually really popular this season. I can't really tell but is that denim?

naboonies said...

Jeyq, I know they're too expensive, been waiting for somebody to put them on eBay!

lilien, yup, only for the next month, then I'll be returning to Malaysia

Ca, they're not that hard to walk in, but not completely comfortable as well! Cool, we should celebrate the end of semester by more blogging HAHA

HT, Thanks. It's a cotton cardigan :)

Iqbal said...

congratz jeng... aku abis kelas esok... satu g... bler blk mesia? aku maybe on 3rd july..

Dinie said...

awww, when will you be home?
the cardi, i really need it, tigether with the shoe!

will u be in SG?!

Giancinephile said...

Amazing shoes! I love the heel and the details of it.

You've got a nice write-up on the Timo Weiland! It was nice of you to bring it to my attention.

As for the outfits, I'd say do the most you can!!!!!!!!! Humidity will only restrict you so have a blast with your remaining time over there. The tropics is just not so inducive to dressing up in layers and layers of clothes that's why I'm seriously planning to settle in a country with temperate weather. hahahaa


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