Jun 7, 2009

Nautical BBQ + futsal

Another quick post. I'm stuck in the middle of exam week and my brain power is almost drained to the max. Today I sucked in Surgery and I hope my morale is up again so I can study for the next paper. Three words: medicine is overrated!

Anyway. Somewhere earlier last month my pals and I had a barbecue picnic by the Volga river (again! but this time it was at the complete opposite of the river bank). We had this color code of either blue or red, so that we could be divided into two teams to play futsal. Of all people, me playing futsal? I wish I could upload the video of us frantically chasing one ball. Hilarious!

I took the chance to wear my red H&M pants, notorious for making people gawk and giggle, and styled them with a vague nautical vibe in mind, inspired by Ca's predilection of wearing sailor-esque outfits earlier this spring, and also by this kid who studies in the Navy School nearby. I even took a picture next to a replica boat to 'complete' the look!

Atmosphere linen blazer, street vendor striped tank, H&M pants, eBay belt, Andiamo driver shoes
photog: Malchic

P/S: Fine, my outfit is remotely nautical, but the striped tank at least resembles a sailor's no? All I need is an anchor brooch and a sailor hat. Bam!


David Casavant said...

ooo, I like this outfit!

Frederic Betancourt. said...

I love tye dye cardigan down.

O-man said...

ya, anda kelihatan seperti sailor...
..yg tgh curik tulang. oh maybe ditinggalkan kapal. saya seorang optimis ;-)

naboonies said...

david, thanks! it's great to have some blazer on but in this sweltering heat is seems really impossible!

frederic, thank you thank you! 1 i love the colour, and of course the cheap price too!

oman, hahaha makes sense jugak, i should have slept under the ship or something

Dinie said...

why arnt u in blue and green tee like the rest?!!!

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