May 21, 2011

Baden Baden Bundle

You might be grossed out by the letter B overload in my post title. But it's really how they named this second hand /bundle store (and it also reminded me of the other secondhand shop which also starts with B, that is Buntil....)

I visited this fairly spacious shop during my previous trip to Port Dickson - the first time I stepped my foot into the store was last year but alas, no photos were taken then. 

Anyway, the Port Dickson outlet seems the biggest of all, and is located strategically along the public beach (other branches including the ones in Melaka, Perak and Johor)....

Apparently something tells me that I spend too much time at big air-conditioned malls in KL, because I did not even notice that they also have a branch in Gombak! Truth to be told I'm afraid this shop unfortunately falls in the 'randomly selected secondhand items mostly sourced from Japan' category, with rails and rails of generic rock band t-shirts/ denim jeans/ flannel shirts on sale.


But don't despair just yet. On a brighter note for those with time and patience careful rummaging and selecting might yield something worthwhile...


This time around they also included a scarves-only bin (all for RM1 each!), and rows of shoes (which sadly are all too big for my tiny feet). There were also some options, albeit limited, on bags.


Personally I bagged a few of these lovely scarves, mostly because of the interesting details and fairly delicate material (and not to mention my mother and sisters insisted me to purchase so they can wear them themselves).


My little sis trying a hand-dyed silk scarf.

I don't know what I should do with the scarves yet, but ideas of utilizing them as pocket squares / neckerchiefs, or even table clothes seem appealing...

Apart from the scarves I managed to grab these err.... floral pants last minute before checking out at the cashier (pics will be shown soon). No, I did not try them on, so I'm not sure whether this whimsical purchase is justified or not. Worse comes to worse my little sister would definitely fit into these pants...
Baden Baden Bundle Blog (ever been tired of too many B's in one title?) ... and yeah I should warn you beforehand the blog is scarcely updated...

I might be asking too much but am really hoping more second hand shops would come out with 'curated' pieces at affordable price range. The ones that exist currently (e.g. Lah'lah'  Land) is doing a good job but obviously is insufficient to meet today's demands for interesting vintage pieces...

Happy thrifting!


Petra said...

Hi, did you like Baden Baden? Looks a bit dark on the picture.

Anonymous said...

I find the place is full of random t-shirts, oversized jeans and checked shirts. So you can figure my disappointment haha. If I had more patience and time I'd definitely explore more though. It is a bit dark in there as it was at night, and the place is lit by just incandescent bulbs.

Dunia Fashyon via Blackberry

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