Jul 2, 2014

KLFW 2014: Sandra Azwan, Pearly Wong

Sandra Azwan

Honestly speaking his ready-to-wear collection is among the ones that piqued my interest during KL Fash Week. The design is playful, wearable, and a breath of fresh air from a sea of monochrome, pastel or digital prints. The Geometrical Abstractions collection comprise of dresses in bold lines and solid colours - the bright green, red and mustard simply pop, and I must say, they match these Jump From Paper bags. Looking at a glance the first of the pieces look like American footballers' body gear, but in a good way, of course... 

Pearly Wong

Pearly Wong studied in Fashion Institute of Technology and she came back from New York with a hope to sustain her label in Malaysia (read her interview with Gumball Mag here). Her signature colours are monochromatic, and she designs for the 'un-stereotypical' girl in mind. Pieces that stand out for me in this collection: the utilitarian jacket in off-white (hopefully I can fit into that) and the cut-away shoulder jacket in black. 

Words and images by Hafidzudin Zainal

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