Jun 30, 2014

KLFW 2014: Mimpi Kita, WANPA, Rico Rinaldi

Experiencing KLFW 2014 has taught me to appreciate local designers more. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want to but previously there's not much platform to showcase the talents online, at least. And given my current profession which puts me in a situation where I appreciate fashion shows on the Net easier rather than in-person, therefore it's hard to really judge something, when all I read is some paltry mini-articles on local fashion newspapers highlighting certain designer, or worse, a gossip-cum-celebrity-worshipping-tool kind of publication. That just doesn't really give all these hardworking creative people justice. So it's good to finally see designer after designer passing the KLFW short runway, and in effect, create awareness to an untrained eye / outsider like yours truly. Attending KLFW this year alone has made me Google more KL designers and in turn follow them on Dunia Fashyon Instagram.


The Zulkifli sisters have proven that feminine clothes are still in favour and from the looks of it, they're taking a design notch with more modern silhouettes, experimenting with shapes and materials - a departure from their overtly pretty creations. Being designed by two Muslim ladies, I couldn't help but notice some 'revealing' pieces (sheer fabrics/short skirts etc), and expectedly comments about making it more Muslimah friendly surfaced. The designers reassured them promising that this is only for runway purposes - more 'covered' versions will definitely go into production instead. Pastel hues predominate in this collection, which is classic Mimipkita. Oh, they just launched an online website which also offer kids-wear and wedding planning. So according to them, get those credit cards ready for Mimpikita purchases!


Another design duo whose collections being presented on day five of KLFW. Frankly speaking I don't know much about the brand and not going to pretend as if I do. Judging from the Facebook page WANPA design aesthetics is all about bold colours and prints. And so is the collection - there is a myriad of shapes, prints and colours on display. I'm guessing following that subtle/minimalist direction is not their cup of tea. With a HUGE section of seats reserved for Wanpa I believe they have they own following though (with a list of local Malay celebrities putting stamps of approval including Neelofa, it's quite easy to see why). Personally I prefer the water prints over the Bambi/jungle ones... 

Rico Rinaldi

Reading this Lim Kok Wing grad's list of achievements in a short span of time (winning an award whilst still studying fashion...what?) is certainly impressive. But what's more impressive is the actual collection - ultra-modern, eye-catching yet wearable pieces are all in the menu. I believe that outstanding pieces like the starburst motifs / fringes on the sweaters and the unconventional shapes steal the attention of KL's fashion lot.

Words and images by Hafidzudin Zainal

POST EDIT: The first image from Rico Rinaldi show was indeed from another designer. Was alerted by Rico himself on DF Instagram. Well that's what happen when you blog at 2 a.m. Apologies for the confusion!

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