Jul 5, 2014

Cameraderie: KLFW Outfits

I know that this is the inevitable me-me-me outfit post, but it's good to see the KLFW attendees with amazing outfits (loaned/sponsored or bought themselves) with a healthy dose of peacocking. Good to see KLFW is moulding its own style, thanks to local fashion-conscious peeps who try their best to flaunt local designer's latest creations (but there's an abundance of Rick Owens or Raf Simons and those super expensive runway looks too). Looking forward to seeing more versatility in get ups next season...

In my case at day one I finally got the perfect occasion to wear the sweater designed by Raf Simons during his final season as Creative Director at Jil Sander (yes, I have to admit I bought it mostly for the sentimental value). As any other Western labels the sweater's a bit oversized for me, as usual. Playing the Raf Simons card again with the past season ruched fabric hi tops.

Day five look was all about that shabby with a bit vintage - the Takakurazome hand-dyed hoodie + vintage bag and shoes, and the Uniqlo pants that I wear daily to work. Happy weekend!

Images by Hafidzudin Zainal and Adilah Aidit
Words by Hafidzudin Zainal

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