Oct 24, 2008

Autumn in Volgograd

In the picture: Railway Hospital Courtyard, courtesy of Mr Najmi

The leaves are starting to yellow, the rain is more frequent and people start to revert back to their boring fall outfit - black everything topped of with exasperating patent accessories.
Well for me I'd use this opportunity to layer up and have fun clashing colors as this is my final autumn in a foreign country because soon I'll be back home, where the sun shines 24/7.


your sister said...

the picture was spectacularly taken!
as if there were two pictures attached together...
can't wait to go Russia next year!

safwan said...

post some pictures sdar
show of ur spring attire
aku bole masuk 1 of those wearing black:P lol

naboonies said...

to my sis: well it's a wonderful job by Najmi my room mate!

to safwan: yes i'll be posting some of my spring/autumn attire. My camera doesn't have batteries yet!
You're not wearing black allover. Yo have the new boots remember? HAHA

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