Sep 18, 2009

Jimmy Choo choose his shoes

I love whenever there is an opportunity to insert a bit of pun/tongue-twister  to my entry titles. And of course nothing could be better than a line of  relatively affordable designer gears for everyday people. As you could probably tell already this entry is dedicated to Mr Choo's upcoming collaboration with H&M, which will be set to release in 14th of November worldwide.


Frankly I was a little disappointed after seeing the very basic clothing items that they have to offer, which comprise mainly of well, basics - grey jersey (I gather) tees and sweaters, and bien sur the staple pieces for autumn/winter e.g. a calfskin biker jacket, dark denim and a black suit... Price-wise I think that the collection is still in the steep section of price tags (I'm frantically halving all these Swedish Kroner into Malaysian Ringgit)... take for example the suit which cost approx RM1000, and the very BASIC tee at RM100. I'm not sure if the price reflects quality but judging from past experiences of purchasing from this gargantuan retailer I doubt it will be so (but who knows the limited number of pieces will actually allow some budget for sturdy fabrics that don't pile after second wear).


Fortunately there is a brighter hope in  the footwear section of the line. It seems that Mr Choo really utilises his shoe-making expertise to produce some decent shoes and boots- my favorites are the faux reptile lace-ups complete with studs as embellishments, and of course if Malaysia was a four-season country I won't hesitate to purchase the Gareth Pugh-esque buckled boots to trawl in the cold /muddy streets. Alas at 1300 kroner (RM700) a pop I might contemplate spending my cash on the reptile shoes, plus there is always the threat of PIGSKIN LINING that hinder my purchase of beautiful, 'affordable' footwear (re:ZARA!).

Image credit: Paolosavi via King



Mell The Long Haired Lady said...

Hello there! I found your blog thru TIC and i love it! Keep up the good work!

(nothingness) said...

love the blog too.

Giancinephile said...

The boots look decent! haha

As for downloading I'm afraid I hardly know a thing or two about downloading films! I usually chance them on tv or screenings hosted by the French embassy or if it really can't be avoided get a DVD. That's basically it!


LJ said...

Agreed..nothin spectacular except those footwears. By any chance, will they be available in Malaysia? ur blog too..not easy to come across Malaysians in the fashion blogging scene.."teruskan usaha anda"---> its "keep up the good work" in Malaysian language if any of you wonders ;)

naboonies said...

Mell, thanks a lot for the heads up!

nothingness, thanks a lot, your blog is cool too!

Gian, it's okay. I know how hard it is to search for quality films in the Internet (other than those vulgar pornography of course). it seems that my local video store pops out a good movie once in a while..

LJ, it will be long before H&M arrived at our shores. the rumour has it that H&M will be open at KL plaza in 2011.

and thanks for the support!

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