Dec 17, 2008

Shred it yourself

I know this is not fresh off the oven - some may say it's already been done eons ago, but can you believe that I only found out the method for DIY shredded tee last week?

Originally intended for female audience and DIY enthusiasts alike, Camille from childhood flames had posted a comprehensive tutorial of how to create a one-in-a-kind shredded tee,not to mention a compact video clip to make things easier. Inspired by Raquel Allegra's shredded tank the effect is somehow pretty ugly for me. However it seems that frequently a lady's trend will somehow spark a following on the menswear side. When men's rag / thefashionisto (can't remember which one, apologies) featured this I knew that I had to start this myself - it's just my cup of tea!

The shirt that I used for this project is a very old (5 years ago) white cotton V-neck, so it has reached the softest level for cotton ever (I understand that the more cotton is washed the softer it'll become, true?). I like the breezy and billowy feeling that this shirt gives . Using a mechanical pencil (with a metal tip) I spent some 5 hours or so to complete the whole thing from the hem to the collar (super slow compared to how much Camille had done in the same period of time).

Overall I think it was not an utter failure considering my first amateurish attempt to separate the cotton threads. The next day I was off to class with my proudly completed virgin DIY creation. My outfit was inspired by those who are frequently featured on Jak and Jil (think rock / chic). Tell me did I achieve the desired effect? Critics are most welcome!

click click for details!

DIY shredded tee, sleeveless Cheap Monday tank (underneath DIY tee), H&M jeans, thrifted boots


jellyfungus said...

wheeee. do mine!

Ca said...

Nice, subtle and not too much with just one line in the middle. It must take ages to finish the shredding, haha, I'm not a very patient person.

adikmu said...

oo la la~such a brilliant idea..
tuh baju yang pagoda ke ape??hahaha
sakit skit la kalau wat kat t-shirt mahal..

P.S how come my brother is thinner day by day!!!

L. said...


JEYQ said...

isn't she?
yes i did do the interview myself! it took me a crazy amount of time to construct the layout though.

Ashleigh said...

AWESOME DIY!! Teach me!! =D Got any links online? :D

naboonies said...

@ jelly: sure, give me a tee!!

@ Ca: you sure read my mind, that's exactly the effect i wanted!

It consumes time, but once you started you can't stop (at least for me haha)

@efa: baju pagoda jugak la.. murah je pon, lame dah pakai , so xrase ape2, in fact i like the softness beter!,

PS: i'm always this thin
but not skinny hahaha)

@L: thanks! i wrote you some comments

@ JEYQ: oh my, you're gonna be a great fashion editor some day!!

@ashleigh: thanks, sure2, you can get the tutorial at >>>

Style Salvage Steve said...

I loved this video by Camille...but I've not had the guts to try it out for myself yet. Thanks for inspiring me to do so! I will attemot it this weekend.

nike dunk said...

lol,so nice

Songy said...

I prefer your subtle version. I love the layering too.
I don't think I can do it though. 5 hours? My hourly rate is too high!! :P

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kotss said...

Acqua SS09 is datchu???!!! loving it girl!

Anonymous said...

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