May 11, 2009

Confession of a flailing student

I must confess, I really lag behind my outfit posts. I have heaps of outfit images waiting to be posted, but they all are collecting electronic dust in my virtual storage spaces. Fret not my dear friends, I will try to feature them a bit later. Frankly all this delay is not due to the looming final examination. I know, with only less than a month, medical students all over Russian Federation, including me should have started poring their noses over thick textbooks and burn the midnight oil to prepare for the dreaded days. Contrary to popular belief, this does not apply to me at all. Instead of revising and memorising endless symptoms and antibiotic doses I've been slacking off a lot : nowadays I'd rather be caught web-surfing, blog-hopping, window-shopping, eBay-bidding, vintage-thrifting, Guitar Hero-playing, Facebooking, if that makes any sense... add any verb ending with -ing as you wish.

I am THAT lazy, really!

Lately I've been feeling so exhausted like my energy is drained off me and I feel like I don't have the strength to continue my career in the healthcare industry. Sometimes I feel like I want to give up, just leave my six years of study behind me and open a new chapter in my life. But this is remotely possible, given that my limbs and soul are bound by the infamous contract with the government. A bold step dare I say, to quit the medical programme will result in immediate breach of the contract and will cost me a HUGE amount of moneyyyy $$$. Money that I needed as scholarship in the first place. And trust me, I can't fork out even a fraction of that sum if I quit now!

That leaves me with little, in fact, no choice at all:
1)Pass the exam or repeat another education year
2)Work for the government for TEN years or pay back the scholarship money
3)Be a competent doctor, or risk from being dismissed as a licensed doctor and loose everything that I work hard for for 6 years!

In the end, I guess my best solution is to suck it up and just finish what I started: be a DOCTOR.

During one of my favorite subjects: Operative surgery


QifA said...

Somehow i could connect to what you've just said. There are moments in our life when we ponder back,and think "was that the right step to take?" or "did i take the right profession?".

I think it does happen to everyone. These uncertainties. But hey, who knows one day, you might turn out to be a great plastic surgeon? I mean, you're artsy. So yeah, there's still a long way to go in life.

Anyway, have you ordered a specifically tailored robe from ebay for your graduation? LOL.

Linda said...

Just wanted to let you know that all of us at Acrimony really love your blog! Keep up your great posts!

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Frederic Betancourt. said...

I ´m the worst student EVER...

Ca said...

Aaaw, I'm feeling your frustration. I'm a bit stuck with studies myself, just not motivated at all. Such a great time to hit the wall when exams are just around the coooorner. Oh well, we keep pushing on!

Dinie said...

can you like cut my toe when u become a doctr?

naboonies said...

Qifa: I guess tough programs like medicine takes the toll on people like us yes? At first I thought I can live through this all but it now seems that everyday everything gets more and more difficult....

Plastic surgeon? Wow I never thought of it, interesting suggestion haha! Well I don't think I can manage any surgery, having I degree platypodia and whatnot.

I wish I could eBay the robe, but there's a uniform policy on the graduation day you know :)

Frederic: Aren't we all? But you are good in fashion!

Ca: Yes, same here. Just suck it up and move on right!

Dinie: I can even cut your 21st finger, if you know what I mean :P

voguemanie said...

love your style!

Dinie said...

i have a 3rd arm. not a 21st finger.

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