Dec 4, 2008

Bargain again

Yeah you read that right.

Everyday is a challenge for me as I venture into the quest for the ultimate bargain of clothing items. That being said for the last few days I've been bargain hunting for a new or second hand winter jacket and the perfect pair of boots. Much to my dismay I didn't find any of the said pieces which are of my taste a.k.a within my price range.

Instead I got myself a new pair of socks which cost next to nothing. I fell in love with their patterns and the color : kinda remind me of those Russian / Scandinavian folkloric pattern. Anyway I bought 2 pairs of them. One in blue as shown here and another in purple. Despite the shoddy fabric quality and the poor fit I still like these pairs and am going to wear them in the imminent cold weather. Talk about fashion over function! Not to mention they secretly fulfill my wanting-to-wear leggings desire with its almost knee-high length. Haha!

In addition to my growing collection of bow ties (uh..currently 2), I also bought this midnight blue fake velvet number at the local supermarket! Seriously, it's the most unexpected places of all to buy a stylish accessory (at least for me).

These gems come in threes, so I figured that I won't be needing another two of the same color so I gave them away. They're also available in silver, gold and maroon. I'm already head over heels because soon I'm going back there again to fetch more of these little fake flimsy nylon delights of a color that I fancy.

It's a little DIY project for me as well, as I had to add a woolen strand to this bow so I can tie it on my collar. The result is not utterly disgusting, if you ask me!

The patterned socks

The velvety bow tie

Details: haphazardly buttoned cardigan

The overall effect: Cubus cardigan, A|X pale pink shirt, H&M skinny jeans


Ashleigh said...

I LOVE your bow tie!! =)

magma3637 said...

yo! so when will you wear that bow tie?

NoobJob said...

i don't even think those "haphazardly buttoned cardigan" is considered to be a's awful...

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

yeah, some inspiration for christmas ;)

Dinie said...

pastel itself is somewhat a feminine colour.I think for men,pastel should be worn in a satorial way to eliminate the femeninity on mens.I like proper..bow tie and pantaloons in this case.
maybe a bow tie would go better than a ribbon on the neck..unless you;re going for the blair's gossip girl aura.
that said,it all depneds on an individual.

Amplified said...

cute bowtie!

naboonies said...

@ashleigh: thanks ya!

@magma: i wanted to wear it today but i was caught in the morning rush!

@NoobJob: at last, an honest comment! well i was fooling around with the styling, i got inspired from some street style photo over the net that i can't recall.

@lilien: i think it IS a Noel ornament - i did pick it up at the christmas section. lol!

@Dinie: Merci pour such an in-depth comment, really appreciate it! i completely agree with you about the sartorial choice. i did not intend to channel Blair, if you know what I mean. Thanks to my almost non-existent knowledge about fashion i didn't notice that it wasn't a bow tie at all! haha!

i hope we can continue this little 'fashion 101' session.

MR style said...

very interestin style

Ca said...

Cute cute cute! I need a velvet bow tie, maybe in deep green.

And about the diva looking umbrella, all I'm saying is:

Do It Divastyle

Haha... just something silly my friends and I rant on about.

angelus_izika said...

i did x notice u're wearing the cardigan haphazardly :) pardon moi....

Anonymous said...

wow! i love that bow tie! it's a little disturbing to know that the door is now open to wearing christmas ornaments! actually, it's kind of exhilarating too!

Ca said...

Hahaha... the comment from The Boulevarider about wearing Christmas ornaments. You have that bow and I did a shoot with Christmas lights!

And thank you, I like the new header image too. A bit of glitter and glam for the holiday!

JEYQ said...

haha YES i did DIY that shirt which took me three days. seemed like forever!

and great idea for the velvet bowtie! it looks amazing with the socks.


evie said...

I don't know what is considered fashion or not, but i do not have a problem with the haphazardly buttoned cardigan. It adds an interesting twist to an outfit imho. In your case, the bow and socks are doing a marvelous job on top of the cardigan!

naboonies said...

Thank you everybody for being active in commenting!

I wanted to add to my collection the silver and gold versions of these bow ties but unfortunately they're all grabbed by the savvy shoppers first!

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