Jan 7, 2009

Rihanna's Concert in Malaysia

Do you hear me?

Rihanna will be LIVE in Kay Elle, ELLA-ELLA... ehh-ehh-ehh!

It's confirmed that the Barbados-born pop powerhouse will be coming to Kuala Lumpur next month. This is the first time she will perform in front of a Malaysian audience.

But a concert in Malaysia is not complete without the controversial "clothing rules" issue. Rihanna is required to perform in a 'decent' outfit i.e it must cover from the top of her chest, including shoulders, to her knees. Good thing to know she agreed to conform with the standards set by the Malaysian Government.

One thing for sure, she won't be dressed like this...

Disturbia, it's like the darkness is the light

OR like this...

Come an inch nearer, I'll poke you with these spikes!
Images nymag.com

This also applies to international artistes previously having concerts here (ehem, Gwen Stefani - she had to wear leggings underneath her shorts while performing back in August 2008 , talk about HOT PANTS, HAHAHA!).

However during their summer tour in KL a few years back the burlesque/pop sensation Pussycat Dolls did not meet the requirement, hence the USD3000 fine! (hello what else can you expect, PCD is not PCD without hoochie mama all the way)

This strikes me as confusing - the costumes in such concerts will definitely be a little bit sexy, if not revealing, so why does the government approve these events in the first place?

Uh-oh, my words scream political/ religious chaos but what the hell...


angelus_izika said...

Rihanna is coming!!!

ok, i try to be excited, really..

but Im just not a fan .. :))

we'll need to work this article up with Safwan and You!!

btw..I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new headings, ..its more you than those random guys u set up previously



me animo a escribirte!
you blog is very cool
i love rihanna!

no faltes!!


Ca said...

Well, people in Malaysia also need poppy R'n'B? Haha... silli with clothing rules but oh well, I'm not such a big Rihanna fan either.

naboonies said...

@angelus: I know you're not a fan, but this is really big! Very commercial nonetheless, but I like to indulge in pop celebrity madness once a while!

Surely it'll be a wonderful topic to talk with Safwan.

the heading is soo impromptu. might edit it as well cause it's too big! HAHA.

kait.lyn said...

i can't help but laugh at how backwards some countries still are in 2009.
it's just not the same rhianna without the outrageous outfits!!
this reminds me of when they had to photoshop sleeves & extend the length of the dress on billboards of carrie bradshaw for sex in the city in certain countries.

love your blog!

Homme Times said...

Rihana stage style is crazy, but amazing! I think she's even wearing those faous Rodarte Fall 2008 stockings.

Homme Times said...

Rihana stage style is crazy, but amazing! I think she's even wearing those faous Rodarte Fall 2008 stockings.

evie said...

I wouldn't mind going for the Rihanna concert, IF someone bought me the tickets. Ah, what can I say. I'm too much of a cheapskate to spend on tickets (well, I'm not that big of a fan afterall) but shoes? Well, that's another story altogether.

Although I do wonder what she'll be wearing for her performance here. While I may not necessarily be a huge fan of her music, I've been noticing her style in the occasional celebrity style stalking... Can she still be Rih-Rih wih the "decent" outfits?

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