Apr 17, 2009

Last Spring Ever, in GINGHAM!

As Helmi reminded me that this week's weather will be warm my heart leaps with joy considering the fact that it's an opportunity to wear relevant spring-associated colors. Of course, the experience of wearing specific hues in a specific way is relatively new to me considering that I discovered fashion a little bit more than a year ago. The pieces in the following images are bought separately somewhen last year, when I did not even have a clue to pair them together for a total spring look. Hence the combination of stripes and blue gingham shirt and red pants (that I featured ages ago) finished off with penny loafers is refreshing, if you ask me.

On an unrelated note, the word gingham actually derives from a MALAY word! This is what I got from Oxford Dictionary :

gingham /"gIN@m/
· n. lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth, typically checked.
– ORIGIN C17: from Du. gingang, from Malay genggang (orig. an adj. meaning ‘striped’).

It still amuses me that people on the street tend too gawk whenever I wear those flaming red trousers. I think this is not the case if I was in Italy...people oh people!

thrifted C&A shirt, H&M vest, H&M pants, Gucci penny loafers, random socks

photog: Ezzra
Oh, please excuse me for being deluded for a while. What fashion discovery? What genius combination? What fantasy in Italy?...feel free to drop constructive criticisms on ways to improve my style/ how to achieve a great spring look, or even drop comments a la Go Fug Yourself !


itchy eLLie said...

i was just given an oversized green gingham vest... was thinking, gah what a ghastly creation! but after your post, methinks i should venture into making it work.

love the penny loafers!

Horatio said...

Checkers and stripes? I dunno, my friend, that might be a little too bold for my taste. I'm still trying to figure out if the dress vest is my thing. I'm all about sweater vests, within reason, but the dress vests I see are usually too short to wear casually in my country.

JEYQ said...

the colors work so well together. great job combining the right pieces together.


Dinie said...

lol.isnt it funny. gingham.

naboonies said...

itchy ellie, show me show me!

Horatio, well dont worry pal it's just my thing clashing patterns together, whether they supposed to work together, or in this case, not.

JEYQ, thanks, you always have the nicest comments!

Dinie, who even thought of that? I dont for sure!

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