Apr 26, 2009

The Learning Curve in Footwear Selection

I'm learning step by step to veer towards more 'tasteful' selection in footwear (read: less sporty, more dress up shoes).Although this may sound a little bit hypocritical considering the fact that I just posted my plimsolls pics (however, I consider them the least sporty of sneakers out there), allow me to say my taste in shoes have changed dramatically within the duration of one year - my initial inclination towards more sporty kicks since childhood have been replaced by the affinity of well-built leather footwear :loafers,driver shoes, oxfords etc.

My small collection of white sneakers. I know enough is enough!
Adidas Originals : Moscow
Yes, I will still keep and wear those sneakers partly due to their versatility and wearibility. Frankly speaking I simply can't afford to lose them though- as every clothing item of mine have a special place in my consumerist heart. Take for example a pair of Adidas Moscow trainers that I bought last year...I'm not planning to wear them, instead I'll be keeping them nicely as a memento of my SIX pleasant/shitty years spent in Russia.

But I digress.

Lately "proper" shoes have been my latest obsession du jour (oh while we're at it let's make an obsession d'annee). I've been drooling over the images of shoes on the net, and yet again it's another blog-worthy images from AnOther Man e-magazine that wins my heart over. The champions which can easily rip off my imaginary thick wallet are these Lanvin two-tone brogues and colourful tasseled loafers from Gucci, bien sur! (the first two pics respectively)

Lanvin two-tone brogues

Gucci colourful leather loafers
I don't want to try to express my sentiment for these shoes since I obviously lack the writing skills to do so. Petty as it may sound, not to mention ridiculous - how can a person have an affection for non-living objects like shoes?... let the following images help me convey my feelings for these little accessories that can really make an outfit!

all photos from AnOther Man Magazine
Well these shoes are certainly the ones that I can't afford just yet. Meanwhile let me prance about in my heavily discounted Zara lace-ups!


O-man said...

Since ur not wearing the adidas, ketahuilah aku akan menodai kasut tsebut dgn habuk2 gayhell ble anda pulang ke tanah air. Jadi soroklah sebaik mungkin. Sgt cantik ok kasut tsebut.

naboonies said...

aiyo.scary! i better hide them somewhere before you see them.

HassanDemarco said...

Ever since seeing your blog I've looked everywhere for those Lanvin two-tone brogues! Where can I find them??!

HassanDemarco said...

Ever since seeing your blog I've looked everywhere for those Lanvin two-tone brogues! Where can I find them??!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me where I can find the two tone brogue mens oxfords? I also love the red suede slip-on as well. I'm a shoe fanatic! ��

Hafidzudin Zainal said...

Hi Anonymous,

The shoes are from relatively old collections - I think it's quite unlikely to find said shoes from the above brands.

However you could browse for shops, both online and physical stores that sell unconventional shoes. I've seen quite similar pairs of the two-tone oxfords and the loafers in different stores quite some time ago in Kuala Lumpur.

Well if you're from KL can always try brands like Pedro or Zara, or those shops that sell Korean labels in Sungei Wang etc.

Hope this helps!

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