Apr 15, 2009

Ensemble in five days

A fellow blogger Dinie Rahman from One Sixty Notepad urged his blogger friends (including moi, which makes me quite thrilled, honestly) to post a collection of images of what we would wear in a five-day work week.

I must say it's not an easy feat as my inspiration usually wanders around various style sites and fashion blogs. The worst thing is most of the ideas that I like are not meticulously saved in specific folders... some pics can be in the desktop, some in one thumb drive, and the rest will be in the external hard disk, which went kaput these few days. So you get the idea of how unorganized I am, good!

Despite all that the scope of the outfit inspiration is quite extensive, thanks for this following little note...
*excludes consideration for weather, climate, gender, nose-bleeding price-tags, wearability etc ...(taken from Vogueite >> must read this blog, his unique androgynous style is amazing!)
... which certainly helped me to diversify the 'fantasy' styles as much that I could...

I named this file as layered delish.. you can see why!

the optimal dose of nonchalant styling: the laid back appearance makes me want to scratch the back of my throat (in a good way)
Junya Watanabe SS09

tweed blazer + furry top = wild chap

the ruching details are perfection, coveting the floppy straw hat (I smell DIY!)
Lanvin SS09

leather jacket, denim shirt, scoop neck underneath, chunky boots - my ideal punky/rocker look

photo credits: the Face Hunter, men style, the Sartorialist, Jak and Jil
PS: The images above are not necessarily my favorite styles, as my inspiration or rather, imagination, can be as far fetched and ridiculous one could imagine, but these are the most realistic outfits that I'd definitely love to wear one day (excluding consideration for weather, climate, gender, nose-bleeding price-tags, wearability, that is)


Dinie said...

francesco is one hot guy alright.
and i think the first is so you!

the guy on the last pic, he have a blog called Kateloveme no?

Vogueite said...

wow that first girl is amazing, i would wear her outfit in a heartbeat!

well maybe not her oxford heels, but i LOVE the vibe she's giving out..

JEYQ said...

oh fuck me francesco sourigues. he's been my laptop wallpaper for a good month already.

ha sorry for that expletive. just thought i'd share my obsession with his painfully handsome face. the fact that he is incredibly stylish is secondary.


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