Apr 5, 2009

Same setting, different time

As Russia, or to be more accurate Volgograd is not predominantly inhabited by the Muslims, the place of worship i.e mosque is scarce (one vast region with approximately 2 mosques only). Fridays are the quintessential day for worshipers to flock the Linkoranskaya Mosque where local Muslims, immigrants and international students alike congregate for the weekly khutbah and Friday prayers.

During this time, on the way home I always take some opportunity to capture the neighborhood around the mosque area. You may say this is how a typical Russian rural looks like, with cute brick/wooden domiks (literally small houses) dotting the area.

I wonder who's being carried away to the hospital...

A quiet ally
The pics here show two same areas with two different atmosphere - one with the snow still heavy (slosh alert!) on the ground and another when the latter melts and reveals quite decent pavements. Oh yes, not to mention I took the chance of the brightly-lit alley for some outfit posts for the blog. Even my prehistoric Sony Cybershot worked exceptionally well under the bright sunshine!

Scarf: Hanif's present from Egypt (merci beaucoup mon chou!), Mexx faux suede cardigan, Margiela mohair? tee, H&M marble-y effect jean, thrifted boots, Stella McCartney for Adidas bag. H&M specs

Photog: malchic


Azzad said...

boo boo!!

angelus_izika said...

apsal boo pulak azad ni??

that outfit was fabulous!! n that small alley is what we gonna recall during long, hard hours of housemanship :((

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

its funny, here in germany the sun is shining and i am able to join the day without warm cloths ;)
really like the jeans!

Ca said...

The scarf is amazing! And all the way from Egypt.

Ca said...

Oh, almost forgot: thank you so much mister for the lovey feedback on my style question!

Anonymous said...

who thinks the lame alley looks so good in sony cybershot?

naboonies said...

azzad, if you don't have anything good, or in this case, bad to say just dont' say anything

angelus, thanks, it was not my best one apparently...yes we're going to miss this horrid little place won't we?

lilien, the temperature in Volgograd really fluctuates, today can be cold and tomorrow the sun blindingly shines!

Ca, thanks, i love this scarf! no problem...i think you have your authentic style already, while i'm still searching!

anonymous, yes, thanks to the bright lighting!

Frederic Betancourt. said...

I love Ur jeans, I´ve got something like that..

Dinie said...

now ur making me guilty fo rnot going for friday's prayers.

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