Jun 17, 2009

The exam is over and I'm in the mood of an outfit frenzy

I'm really grateful to God that everything went smoothly during the exams, which is the main reason of my sporadic post lately. I can let out a BIG sigh of relief now! I'll have more time (2 months max) before I officially start working. In the meantime, I just need to fill the gap with more blogging and shopping bwahaha!

Well, a couple of weeks before the examination we had a cool spring..Yes yes here I am yapping again about the wonderful sensation that springtime brings, but the true fact is it's the optimal period to layer up in clothing and have at least a decent look compared to both ends of seasonal spectrum. I'd be surprised if anybody out there loves freezing cold winter and blazing summertime. And apparently it would be a long time before I experience such extreme weathers again. (say hello to tropical weather! )

These are the outfits that I wore during my last subject rotation..Oh how I'll miss wearing blazers without sweating my armpits off! So how's my getup? Yay or nay? Diss if it's a miss. God I'm getting better at rhymes.

Outfit one: Earth tones / pastel-y
Even the mundane street looks fresh after the brief rain. Just look at the falling petals of flowers! And this is my feeble attempt to look effortless in earth/pastel tones. Bleh!

Outfit two: Accessories highlight
I guess anybody can whip out this boring outfit. But the addition of the wayfarer pin? HAHA!
By the way these high tops from Givenchy are strikingly similar to my Adidas pair worn above. Well, the only difference is they cost a hefty 312 Euros at Luisa Via Roma, that is.

Outfit three: Hobohoboho!
Just experimenting with proportions. I love how the three-quarter pants fit, despite the female cut. Check out the asymmetrical Ann Demeulemeester vest. A subtle detail which is not too outrageous or outlandish. A friend said I look very 'boho' in this outfit. Any justifications? Sneaker alert...loving this sparkly Zara sneakers with some ombre effect on the sides of the soles.

On an unrelated note, I think I need a brand new camera (As you can see all the terrible pictures above are shot using my ancient SONY Cybershot 3.1 megapixels lolzz) I need nothing fancy, just one of those Canon IXUS models. Or give it to me as a graduation present? Please?


JEYQ said...

i love your blazer and shoes in the first outfit! & the wayfarer pin is cool as well!

as always, thanks for your sweet words!


O-man said...

gimme my red sambo kurtka plis..hahahaha
spek kat baju putih itu comel.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

so cool!!!i need that pants!

which part of gombak do you stay?

im in gombak too

sharinna said...

ohh thank you thank you thank youu =).u made my day, really =)

naboonies said...

Jeyq and Oman thanks! the wayfarer pin was an unexpected treasure in my local thrift store!

Oman, well, whats a sambo kurtka? give me the link, I'll try to find it mkay?

aizat, thankssss! those are some lady's secondhand pants Im afraid...i live around the Greenwood area. You?

sharinna, my pleasure!

Giancinephile said...

It's always good to dress up in the midst of so much pressure and stress... it helps me keep a balance.

And it seemed like you also handled your style and sartorial adventures to full effect despite how tasking preparing for exams could be. Since I'm back to school, everything is starting to lead to stress. Anyways, I love the loose trouser. It just looks so comfy that it does look highly covetable!!! haha

adlyn farouk said...

hey, I admire your sense of style as a guy very much! but please, the hair! it needs to be more...chic.

hope to have more great posts from you!

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